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HBL MoneyClub

HBL MoneyClub, a savings account for children under 18 years, inculcates the importance of saving and managing funds at an early stage in life. It also helps children earn profit and grow their money along the way


  • Open an account with just PKR 1/-

  • No minimum balance requirement
  • Bonus profit on monthly savings (minimum deposit of PKR 100/- provided no withdrawals throughout the month)
  • Attractive rate of return
  • Free HBL MoneyClub Adventure Book*
  • Free first 10-leaves cheque book

  • Free first year HBL MoneyClub DebitCard for children 6 years and above
  • Exciting retail and dining discounts up to 20% on use of HBL MoneyClub DebitCard. (For complete list of discounts, click )

Adventure Book

HBL MoneyClub Adventure book is a uniquely designed book that allows children to team up with Haris, Babar and Layla to defeat the evil Kharchoo. The adventure can be completed by matching the relevant stickers from the sticker sheets as the story unfolds.
  One complimentary sticker sheet is given with the book, while remaining sheets can be received upon over the counter deposit or withdrawal (through cash or cheque) from any HBL branch. The first customer to complete this adventure and courier their book entry to HBL Plaza, Retail Department, will receive a grand prize while the remaining customers who send in their entries will be eligible for a lucky draw.

Courier Address:

Retail Banking Department, 21st Floor, HBL Tower, Near Teen Talwar, Clifton, Karachi

How to Apply

Applicant to provide:

  • Parent/guardian’s Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)
  • Photocopy of identity documents of the parent/guardian of the minor
  • Minor’s Form-B/Computerized Child Registration Certificate (CRC)/Birth Certificate/Student ID card
  • Proof of the guardian’s relationship with the minor through Birth Certificate, Computerized Child Registration Certificate (CRC) or Court Order
  • Biometric verification of parent/guardian
  • Signature Specimen Card signed by the parent/guardian
  • HBL AOCIF duly signed by the parent/guardian. In case the minor’s age is six years or above, HBL MoneyClub DebitCard request can be placed in the AOCIF
  • Proof of income/source of funds of the financial supporter

Important Documents

HBL MoneyClub (Key Fact Sheet) - Jul - Dec 2020.pdf  
Size: 467 KB
Indicative and Annualised Rates on Deposits W.E.F. 01.01.2020 TO 30.06.2020.pdf  
Size: 411 KB
Indicative and Annualised Rates on Deposits W.E.F. 23.09.2019 TO 31.12.2019.pdf  
Size: 245 KB
Indicative and Annualised Rates on Deposits W.E.F. 01.11.2019 TO 31.12.2019.pdf  
Size: 406 KB
Indicative and Annualised Rates on Deposits - 1st August 2019 to 31st December 2019.pdf  
Size: 219 KB
Key Fact Sheet (HBL MoneyClub) - July 2019.pdf  
Size: 50 KB
Indicative and Annualized rates on deposits - April 2019 to June 2019.pdf  
Size: 400 KB
Key Fact Sheet (HBL MoneyClub) - Jan 2019.PDF  
Size: 168 KB
Key Fact Sheet (HBL MoneyClub) - July to December 2018.pdf  
Size: 85 KB
Key Fact Sheet (HBL MoneyClub) - January 2018.PDF  
Size: 88 KB
Key Fact Sheet ( HBL MoneyClub)- July 2017.PDF  
Size: 81 KB
HBL MoneyClub Sticker Book TandC.pdf  
Size: 124 KB
Indicative and Annualised Rates on Deposits - February 2019 to June 2019.pdf  
Size: 403 KB