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Account opening form pension fund

Account opening form pension fund


Participant Details:

Zakat Deduction:

Additional Information

Know Your Customer (KYC)

This section is meant and adopted to establish the identity of the client by using a reliable, independent source of documents, data and information, as per SECP Circular No. 12 of 2009, AML laws, and other regulatory requirements.

Residential Status:
Marital Status:
Public Figure:
Source of Funds:
Average Annual Income:
Has any Financial Institution ever refused to open your account?
Do you deal high value items such as precious metal and real estate?

Risk Profile

1) I can relate myself best to the following statement:
2) For further investment I intend to take:
3) If I incur substantial initial loss I would:
4) I usually invest/keep my money in:
Recommended Strategy:
Option Score Risk Level Fund Type Allocation of Investment
A (-8 to -2) Low Lower Volatility
B (-2 to -3) Medium Medium Volatility
C (8 to 4) High High Volatility
FATCA Checklist:
For Individual & Joint Account Holders (Please write clearly using BLOCK LETTERS)

*If any of the below is selected as "YES" then kindly provide country-specific supporting documents with details. Particulars Primary Applicant
1 Full Name
2 Country of Birth
3 Do you have Multiple Nationalities/Passports?
4 Do you currently hold US green card or US permanent Residency?
5 Are you a Tax Resident in the US?
6 Overseas/Care-of mailing address & Phone No
7 Have you renounced your foreign citizenship or residency?
8 Have you given Power of Attorney to any Person residing overseas? Please provide attorney`s address:
9 Have you given any standing instruction to transfer funds to an account in US?
10 W8BEN / W9 Forms submitteds with date of Submission.
  • If you are a US National or hold a Green Card, please Submit the W9 Form in the original.
  • If you are a US resident and were born in the US but have renounced your citizenship, please provide the W-8BEN form in the original.
  • For Entities please submit the W-8BEN-E Form in the original.
  • If you have stayed in the US for more than 183 days in a US tax year, please submit the W9 Form in the original.

Note: S.No. 5 & 6 apply if the customer holds a Dual Nationality or a Permanent Residence Card.

Allocation Scheme Details:

Please select (any one) of the options given below and specify the percentage(%) in the respective sub-funds.


Allocation Scheme can be changed on an annual basis subject to the terms and conditions specified in the Offering Document of the Fund. If an Allocation Scheme is not selected, the participant's contribution would be allocated in the Default Allocation Scheme, i.e. Lifecycle Allocation Scheme, until such time the participant selects an Allocation Scheme. If sub-fund percentages are not specified within the selected Allocation Scheme, the Pension Fund Manager shall take minimum allocation in the participant's selected Allocation Scheme, while the remaining 15-20% (as the case may be} shall be allocated by the Pension Fund Manager at his/her discretion

Initial Contribution Details:

Initial Contribution Amount (Rs.) in words .

Regular Contribution Details:

I would like to make a regular contribution to my account as per the instructions given below.

Frequency of Regular Contribution

Contribution Amount (Rs.) Expected Annual Contribution Amount (Rs.) .

Instructions & Guidelines:
  • Cash will not be accepted.
  • Payment can be made in the form of a cheque, demand draft, pay order, or online account transfer.
  • Payment shall be made in favor of "CDC Trustee HBL PensionFund" or “CDC Trustee HBL IslamicPensionFund", as the case may be, and crossed "Account Payee" only.
  • If the payment instrument is returned, the unpaid application will be rejected.
  • It should be the responsibility of the applicant to pay all charges and taxes in relation to the units purchased by him/her.
  • Application by foreign nationals and non-resident individuals shall be accepted subject to existing laws provided the subscription amount is paid by means of remittance through banking channels or through means permitted by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).
  • Front-end load (charges) will be applicable on investment as per constitutive documents of the Fund.
  • The application will be processed as per cut-off timings for the Fund.
Document Checklist:

Disclaimer Form