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Frequently Asked Questions

Card Basics

A:Upon receiving your HBL CreditCard, simply call HBL PhoneBanking at 111-111-425 from your registered contact number or login to HBL Mobile to activate your card.

A:You HBL Credit Card can be used in Pakistan and as well as globally for any transaction at any merchant outlet accepting VISA and/or Master Card Credit Cards.

A:Yes, your HBL CreditCard can be used for purchases on the Internet.​

A:In the event that the card(s) is lost, stolen or misplaced, please report it immediately to our HBL PhoneBanking on 111-111-425. After you have informed us, you will instantly be secured against any unauthorized transactions.

A:All HBL CreditCards are issued to Pakistan residents only. Therefore, under HBL Policy Guidelines, you have to surrender your cards to the bank if you are proceeding abroad on employment or on emigration.

A:You can apply for a supplementary card application form, just by calling our 24-hour HBL PhoneBanking Centre at 111-111-425, or by visiting any of your local HBL branches, where you could get the relevant information from our branch representative, who will assist you in filling the application form.​

A:You may enroll up to 6 supplementary cardholders. You and your supplementary cardholders share a single credit limit

Credit Limit

A:Your credit limit is displayed on the Welcome Letter you receive with your card. Besides this, your statement also holds details like total limit, current balance (outstanding) and available balance​

A:You can withdraw cash up to 50% of your credit limit on your Green Card and 75% of your credit limit on your Gold Card & Platinum Card. For example, if your credit limit is Rs. 300,000/- and your withdrawal limit is 75% then your cash withdrawal limit will be Rs 225,000/-

Revolving Credit

A:​If you send a payment for the Total Amount Due before the “Payment Due Date”, no interest charges would be applicable. Thus you can enjoy interest – free credit from the date of purchase to the date on which the payment is due. That can be as high as 51 days. However, for certain transactions like cash withdrawals and balance transfers, interest charges would be applied from the date of transaction till the date of payment.

If you send a payment for the “Minimum Amount Due” or pay any part amount less than the “Total Amount Due”, interest charges are applied on the outstanding amount from transaction date and on any new transactions that you make subsequently till the statement generation date.

If there are some unpaid “Minimum Amounts Due” of previous statements, then these will also be added on the “Minimum Amount Due” of your current statement.

If you have for some reason exceeded your credit limit then the amount by which you have exceeded the credit limit will also be added to the “Minimum Amount Due”.​​

A:​If you are revolving your credit, new purchases attract interest from their date of purchase

A:If all outstanding charges are paid at any point of time, the interest charges will cease to apply immediately​

A:​The HBL Balance Transfer Facility allows you to transfer your outstanding balance from your other bank Credit Cards to your HBL CreditCard at interest rates as low as 2% per month. To know more about the HBL Balance Transfer Facility and/or to apply for one, call our 24-hour HBL PhoneBanking at 111-111-425

A:When you receive your bill, you have the flexibility of selecting any of the following payment options

  • Pay the total amount due.
  • Pay only the minimum amount due and the balance can be carried forward to subsequent statements.
  • Pay any amount ranging from the minimum amount due to the total amount due.

Should you opt for the last two payment options, then the amount due is carried forward to the next billing period. This is referred to as the Revolving Credit Facility.

Settling the Bill

A:Your monthly credit card statement will indicate the minimum payment as the payment due date. You could also get the same information through our 24-hour HBL PhoneBanking Service by dialing 111-111-425​

A:​Your Credit Card Statement is generated every month on the date indicated as the Statement Date. If you do not receive it within 10 days from said date, kindly contact HBL PhoneBanking and we will advise you of the amount payable and arrange to send a copy so you can avoid late charges


Card Payment due Maximum interest free period available
Platinum 21 Days 51 Days
Gold 21 Days 51 Days
Green 21 Days 51 Days

*This is applicable provided the Total Payment due shown in the previous statement is settled in full.​

A:If you notice any discrepancy in your monthly statement, report the matter to our 24-hour HBL PhoneBanking on 111-111-425, within 14 days of receipt of your statement. In order to check statement entries, retain all your sales slips and printed receipts. This will help you keep a record of all your transactions


  • Drop cheques at the drop box facility at specified HBL branches and ATM centres.
  • Cash payments are accepted only at all HBL branches during banking hours.
  • HBL Account Holders can avail the convenience of the Direct Debit facility​

A:Direct Debit facility allows HBL Account Holders to give standing instructions to pay their credit card bills (either minimum amount or total amount due) directly through their bank account. Simply give written or telephonic instructions to HBL to directly debit the payment from your account every month on call our 24-hour HBL PhoneBanking Service at 111-111-425​

A:If your payment is not received by the payment due date, a late fee is applicable on the outstanding amount

A:If you are living outside Pakistan, we recommend that you make payments through HBL Internet Banking. You may also take advantage of the Direct Debit Facility, which would be a safer and faster way of making payments towards your credit card​

Fee & Charges

A:For cash withdrawals through ATMs or over the counter transactions, a nominal fee will be charged as per the Schedule of Charges​

A:No, there is no fee. Upon activating your HBL Credit Card, you are automatically enrolled in our Rewards Program​


A:You can simply inform us of your new mailing address by calling HBL PhoneBanking at 111-111-425 and updating your profile or by sending a written request at the following address: Customer Services Department
3rd Floor, HBL Plaza,
I.I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi.

A:They are considered a retail transaction and customers may earn Reward Points by conducting such transactions.​

A:If for any reason, you do not wish to continue using your HBL Credit Card, please cut the card into half, and send both halves to the following address
Customer Services Department
3rdFloor, HBL Plaza,
I.I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi.
You can also call HBL PhoneBanking and place your request for card cancelation.

A:If at any time you face a problem regarding your credit card account, call our 24-hour HBL PhoneBankingat 111-111-425 or you can email your enquiries on our online helpline at

A:​You can call HBL PhoneBanking at 111-111-425 and place request for a credit limit increase.

A:You can request a decrease on your Credit Limit over the phone. The credit limit cannot be any lower than the minimum limit of the product.

A:In an emergency, contact HBL PhoneBanking immediately on 111-111-425 if in Pakistan or if overseas call HBL PhoneBanking on +9221-111-111-425.​

A:Yes you can use your points to pay your annual fee. Once your annual fee appears on your credit card statement you can redeem your points for the annual fee and we will credit your card with the relevant amount. You can even pay your supplementary cards’ fee using this method.​

A:No. Your Reward points do not expire as long as your account is operated in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.​

A:You are able to redeem your rewards by calling HBL PhoneBanking on 111-111-425. Make sure your delivery address and phone numbers are up to date in our system so that we can ensure your rewards arrive as soon as possible. It can take up to 3-4 weeks for delivery of some merchandise items.

3D Secure

A:3D Secure is a security feature for internet-based credit card transactions. It protects you from unauthorised internet-based transactions as you will be required to provide a one-time password (OTP), that is sent to your registered mobile number or email address or both, when you make any transactions on 3D Secure enabled websites.

A:One Time Password (OTP) is a 6-digit online verification code sent to your mobile number or email address or both, whichever selected, to complete an internet-based transaction.

A:There is no charge for this service.

A:Any compatible browser such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox.
Please ensure that you have enabled the pop-up windows in your browser as you will be required to enter the OTP on a pop-up window on the payment page.

A:Look for secure transaction symbols when shopping online to ensure your account information is protected. These include a lock symbol ( ? ) usually found on the right or left side of your browser’s address bar and a web address that begins with “https”.
Always sign-out of any website after you make a purchase. If you can’t sign-out, close the browser window and clear your browser’s cache and history to prevent unauthorized access to your account information.

A:Please call HBL Phone Banking at +9221-111-111-425 immediately and report the same.​

A:Registration is not required for 3D Secure. All HBL Credit Cardholders with an email and/or mobile number registered with HBL can avail this facility. However, basic HBL Credit Cardholder needs to be enrolled for either of the following services, in order to conduct a 3D Secure enabled internet-based transaction:

  • E-Statement
  • SMS Alert

​A:You can shop at any website that has the MasterCard® SecureCode™ and/or Verified by VISA symbol. Simply follow the below mentioned process for conducting a 3D Secure enabled internet-based transaction:

  1. Select the goods or services you want to purchase from the website and proceed to the payment page.
  2. Enter your HBL CreditCard details and the online store will send the information to HBL for verification.
  3. After verification, you will be routed to the 3D Secure webpage where you will be asked to select either of the options (SMS or Email or both) related to receiving OTP.
  4. Upon selecting the desired option, you will shortly receive the OTP.
  5. You will then be routed to the next screen where you will be prompted to enter the OTP and press “Submit”.
  6. You will be asked to select the check-box for ‘Agree to Terms and Conditions” prior to your transaction being processed.
  7. Upon submission, your transaction will be processed.

A:​For websites that have not enabled the 3D Secure feature, the cardholder will not be required to go through the OTP authentication process for their internet-based transactions.

A:If you have subscribed for SMS alerts, you will be notified via SMS, once the transaction is processed

A:No, you will only receive OTP for the internet-based transactions with 3D Secure enabled merchants.

A:MasterCard® SecureCode™ & Verified by Visa (VBV) logos will be displayed when you are performing an internet-based transaction with a 3D Secure enabled merchant.

A:OTP via SMS will only be sent to your mobile phone number registered with HBL. Alternatively, you can opt to receive the OTP on your email address registered with HBL.

A:Yes, your supplementary cardholder will receive OTP on his/her mobile number/email address registered with HBL.

A:Yes, you will receive OTP via SMS. However, you may incur roaming charges (if any) from your mobile service provider.

A:In case you do not receive your OTP, you may click on the “Resend OTP” button on the authentication screen to request a resend.

A:OTP will be valid for 10 mins only, upon expiry of which, you will need to request for a new OTP.

A:You can only try entering your OTP 3 times. Your internet-based transaction will be rejected after 3 incorrect attempts, after which, you will need to re-initiate your transaction with a new OTP.

A:Please call HBL PhoneBanking at +9221-111-111-425 immediately to block your CreditCard

A:You can call HBL PhoneBanking (from your HBL registered number) to update your email address and mobile number or visit your parent branch.

A:Basic Credit Cardholders can request to enroll for SMS Alerts and/or E-Statement facility at any time, by simply calling HBL PhoneBanking on +9221-111-111-425, from his/her registered phone number with HBL.

A:In an emergency, contact HBL PhoneBanking immediately on +9221-111-111-425.

Chip & PIN

A:In order to ensure the security of our cardholder’s financial information and to prevent fraud, all HBL Cardholders will be gradually updated to a Chip & PIN card.

A:A chip is a small microchip embedded in your credit card. It is encrypted so transactions are more secure on the card. The Chip & PIN card is a superior level of security on your card, in line with the best global practice of security of transactions. A PIN is encrypted on the chip which is only known to the card holder.

A:Chip & PIN Card processes your data with unparalleled security and it is virtually impossible to copy or tamper with. It also protects your card against counterfeiting and skimming.

A:Your HBL CreditCard will provide additional security to your transactions via the PIN use. The PIN should be known only to you and you need to enter the PIN at a POS terminal and authenticate the transaction.


Step 1 : The merchant inserts your card at a PIN enabled POS machine and enters the transaction amount

Step 2 : The POS machine will prompt for a PIN to be entered by you

Step 3 : On entering the correct PIN the transaction is confirmed and completed

A: Since this card ensures security of the financial information of the cardholder and prevents fraudulent transactions, this card will gradually be rolled out to all cardholders. The option to opt out of this service is not available.

A: In order to provide an additional level of security, your HBL CreditCard is now equipped with a Chip & PIN facility wherein you would be requested to provide your PIN to authenticate your transaction. Please enter your HBL CreditCard ATM PIN when prompted for it.

A: If the POS machine is enabled for PIN authentication. You will need to enter your HBL CreditCard PIN to complete the transaction.

A: This is because the POS machine was not enabled to ask for a PIN. However, the transaction was secure since your card is a Chip & PIN card.

A: Your PIN enabled HBL Creditard needs to be dipped and not swiped. If you swipe, the POS machine will prompt for it to be dipped. Request the merchant to DIP the card. If the POS machine is PIN enabled, you will have to enter the PIN to complete the transaction.

A: After three unsuccessful PIN entry attempts, your card will be temporarily blocked. To reset the PIN for your HBL CreditCard, please call HBL PhoneBanking on 021-111-111-425

A: You have to activate your card and generate a PIN by calling HBL PhoneBanking at 021-111-111-425

A: You will have to call HBL PhoneBanking at 021-111-111-425 to activate your card and generate a PIN.

A: No, you cannot. When the POS machine is prompting you for a PIN, you have to enter the PIN to complete the transaction. If the POS machine isn’t equipped to handle PIN transactions, you can alternatively swipe your card and sign the receipt instead.

A: Yes, all HBL Credit Cardholders will be gradually upgraded to Chip & PIN credit cards.

A: Yes, the basic cardholder will have to call HBL PhoneBanking to set a different PIN for the supplementary card(s)

A: No, they need to enter only their own PIN. The transaction will get declined if they use an incorrect PIN.

A: No, for internet based transactions there are no changes to the existing process. You will be redirected to the 3D Secure OTP generation page to complete your transactions for 3D Secure enabled merchants. For other merchants you will be required to input your card details to make the transaction.

A: Your HBL CreditCard will remain active until the valid through date mentioned on your card and will be updated to the Chip & PIN Card upon expiration.

A: You can request to reset your PIN by calling HBL PhoneBanking at 021-111-111-425.

A: There is no additional fee required to have Chip & PIN functionality on your HBL CreditCard.

A: If you try more than three times, your card will be temporarily blocked. Please call HBL PhoneBanking at 021-111-111-425 to reset your PIN.

A: Please call HBL PhoneBanking at 021-111-111-425 to generate a PIN for your HBL CreditCard.

Contactless Payments

A: Contactless technology is a fast and easy way to pay. Contactless cards have an embedded antenna in the plastic so that when it is used at a contactless reader it securely transmits purchase information to and from the contactless reader. All you have to do is hold your contactless card over the contactless reader to make the payment.

A: It’s faster and easier than other types of payment:

  • You don’t always have to carry cash or worry about looking for exact change when making small value everyday purchases
  • You don’t have to enter your PIN for payments under the defined threshold
  • Queue time is decreased as contactless technology speeds up the time it takes to make a payment
  • You are in control because your card never has to leave your hand when making a payment. You don’t have to give your card to the vendor as the POS will be turned over to you (in ideal scenarios)

A: For amounts exceeding the defined threshold of the POS machine you will be required to input the PIN, however you still won’t have to hand over the card to the merchant.

A: If you see the contactless symbol (contactless symbol) on your card it means that your card comes with this payment technology.

A: Contactless transactions are effected using secure Near-Field-Communication (NFC) technology and the strongest authentication protocols to validate each transaction. Contactless transactions are as safe as Chip & PIN transactions.

A: No. Any transaction needs to be initiated by the cardholder and then the merchant, by keying in the transaction amount in the POS machine. Only then can the payment process begin between the POS machine and the card through the NFC (Near-Field-Communication). Moreover, the card needs to be in close proximity with the POS machine during this time.

A: You can use your contactless card wherever you see the contactless symbol [add symbol here].

A: Your card can still function as a regular card for Chip & PIN transaction.

A: No, the transaction limits globally are set based on the local market consumption pattern and varies by country. The limit depends on the location where the contactless transaction is initiated.

A: There are no additional fees for using your contactless card. However, standard fees and charges do apply.