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HBL NoticeDeposit (ND)

HBL NoticeDeposit fulfils your short term investment needs by providing you with an investment opportunity at attractive rates that allow access to funds on short notice. Suitable for individuals who want to earn a high return on their short term investments.


  • Deposit can be easily liquidated by two options
    - 7 to 29 days’ notice
    - 30 days and above notice
  • Principal stays secure
  • Profit is credited to transactional account and can be withdrawn through cheque and ATM
  • Rollover option available

Application Criteria

  • For existing HBL account holder: customer must fill out an Additional Request Form to request for HBL NoticeDeposit.
  • For new customer: Open a Current or Savings Account as per prevalent process and fill out an additional request form to request for HBL NoticeDeposit.

Product Disclosure

  • Zakat and withholding tax will apply as per the prevalent law on deposit products
  • Profit rates as per Bank’s prevalent Indicative Rate Sheet

HBL NoticeDeposit (Key Fact Sheet) - Jul - Dec 2020.pdf  
Size: 36 KB
Key Fact Sheet (HBL NoticeDeposit) - July 2019.pdf  
Size: 88 KB