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HBL CreditCard – Contactless

Your HBL CreditCard now comes with contactless technology, for more convenient transactions. Contactless transactions do not require you to swipe your credit card or enter your PIN code (unless above the payment threshold) into the POS machine, thus allowing you to make payments faster and easier as well as reducing the need for you to carry cash. Contactless technology also allows you keep your card more secure as it never has to leave your hand when making a payment at the POS machine. 

You can make a contactless transaction at any merchant where the POS machine is displaying symbol.Contactless Icon-01.jpg

Making a contactless transaction

1. Look for this symbol Contactless Icon-02 (1).jpgon the POS machine. 

2. Hold your HBL CreditCard in front of the contactless reader on the POS machine 

​3. The machine will indicate that the transaction has been processed successfully and you can remove your credit card. 

​If you need a receipt, just ask for it. You may now collect your purchased items and go. 

Disclaimer: The limit for contactless transactions can be changed at any time by the associations and/or the merchant’s acquiring bank and pertains to transactions made in Pakistan. In other countries, the limit might be set differently according to the rules in force. Transactions for amounts above the defined limits will be completed using your PIN. A contactless payment can be rejected at any POS machine and instead the cardholder may be required to perform the transaction using the PIN. ​