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HBL DebitCard – Chip & PIN

Welcome to a world of convenience with enhanced security. Your HBL DebitCard is now a Chip & PIN debit card.
This card provides enhanced financial security as transactions conducted with this card will be validated through a four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN). This PIN will be the same which will be used for your ATM transactions. You will need to enter this PIN to complete your transaction on PIN enabled Point of Sale (POS) machines

Kindly note that for POS machines which do not support PIN authentication, your signature will be required on the receipt to complete the transaction.

How to generate a PIN?

To activate your HBL DebitCard, please follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Generate your 5-digit activation code by sending the following SMS to 4250 using your mobile number registered with HBL:
DC(Last 4 digits of your debit card)

Example: DC4321

Once the code is received, visit any HBL ATM along with your HBL DebitCard, activation code and CNIC number.

1) This code is valid for 3 days only.

2) In case your activation code expires, please repeat Step 1 of the card activation process to generate a new activation code.

Step 2: Insert your HBL DebitCard into any HBL ATM

Step 3: Select your preferred language

Step 4: Enter your 5 digit HBL DebitCard activation code

Step 5: Enter your date of birth (DDMMYYYY)

Step 6
: Enter your 13 digit CNIC number

Step 7: Select your 4-digit PIN code

Step 8: Re-enter your PIN code

Step 9: Check for successful card activation message and memorize your PIN code

Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) should not be shared with anyone
HBL DebitCard Terms and Conditions can be downloaded from

How does Chip & PIN Debit Card work?

Step 1: The merchant inserts your card at a PIN enabled POS machine and enters the transaction amount

Step 2: The POS machine will prompt for a PIN to be entered by you

Step 3: On entering the correct PIN the transaction is confirmed and completed

Important Documents

Please review the brochure attached below which provides a step-by-step guide on the card activation process along with the process of perfoming a transaction at the merchant POS

Activation and Chip and Pin flyer.pdf  
Size: 272 KB