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HBL AdvantageAccount

For those looking for short, medium and long-term investment opportunities with a fixed profit rate, the HBL Advantage Account gives you a flexible investment product that provides multiple profit payouts and tenures of your choice.


  • Choose from a deposit period ranging from 1 months to 10 years.​
  • Profits can be withdrawn through cheques or ATM and are credited to your Account.
  • Principal stays secure.
  • Rate remains same over the entire investment period.
  • Premature encashment available with profit at PLS saving rate (subject to completion of three months from the opening date of the account).
  • Receive up to 90% financing against this account.
  • Rollover option available.
  • Enjoy profits calculated on principal, Payment: flexible, as per your chosen tenure.

Application Criteria

  • Provide an attested copy of your CNIC.
  • For existing HBL account holder: Fill out an additional form to open an HBL Advantage Account.
  • For new customer: Open a current or savings account as per existing process. Fill out an additional form to open an HBL Advantage Account.

*Important Note: Must maintain a minimum deposit of Rs.25,000 with a maximum of Rs.500 million

*Terms and conditions apply. These are expected rates and can change. All profits payable are subject to Zakat and Government Levies