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Debit Cards

With HBL Debit Card, enjoy the convenience of accessing your HBL account whenever and wherever you are. Backed by the power of MasterCard, UnionPay, Visa and PayPak, HBL DebitCard offers you a truly secure and convenient payment solution. It is accepted at over 50,000 merchants, and over 11,000 ATMs nationwide in Pakistan and millions of merchant location and ATMs globally.

HBL offers variety of Debit Cards suiting your needs:

HBL World DebitCard

A prestigious card that gives you access to a world of luxury from globally renowned hotel chains to airport lounges.

HBL Gold DebitCard

A card that offers you a range of benefits that enhance your everyday life by offering a world of convenience.

HBL DebitCard

A card that provides convenient access to your account enabling you to fulfill your day-to-day needs.

HBL PayPak Debit Card

A Card that offers you a basic level payment solution at a lower annual fee.

Fair Treatment to Customers

Issuance of HBL DebitCards is covered through the bank account opening form in case of New to Bank customers. At the time of account opening the Schedule of Bank Charges (SOBC) is available to the customer. However; if an existing customer requests a debit card, they are required to fill out an “Additional Request Form” (ARF), to request issuance of the card.

A more detailed terms and conditions booklet and debit card guide are delivered with the debit card so that customer can read and fully understand all terms of usage and associated charges prior to activation and usage. Bank Charges may be revised from time to time and are communicated to customers accordingly.

Important Documents

HBL DebitCards - Terms and Conditions.pdf  
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