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HBL PardesCard

HBL PardesCard is a Visa Debit Card that enables beneficiaries to access their remittances 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through any ATM across the country. You can also withdraw your funds through any POS terminal installed at HBL branches. ​


Beneficiaries can avail the following facility through HBL PardesCard:​

1. Instant Access to funds

Instant Access to funds and receive an SMS confirmation once the funds are transferred to your account.

2. Security

No need to worry about carrying cash everywhere you go. With your HBL Pardes Card, funds are securely transferred into your account, making it possible to withdraw or use funds as and when you need them.

3. Cash Withdrawal Facility

Use your HBL Pardes Card at any ATM across Pakistan to withdraw cash up to PKR 100,000 per day.

4. Use your HBL Pardes Card for daily Purchases

With an HBL Pardes Card, you can make purchases at various outlets in Pakistan.

5. Funds Transfer Facility

Transfer funds to any HBL account or other bank account (within I link network) using a HBL Pardes Card. (Transferring funds to any HBL account is free).

6. Utility and Mobile Phone Bills Payments

Use a HBL Pardes Card to pay your utility and phone bills at any HBL ATM, with no charges.