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Konnect Home Remittance Account

With Konnect Home Remittance Account, you can receive money from abroad directly in your account in the most convenient way.

Moreover, you will also get a free mobile top-up on every USD 100 or equivalent of international remittance received

Open Account

Register for Konnect Home Remittance Account by simply visiting your nearest Konnect Shop and providing your biometric impression along with other details requested by the Konnect Agent

Upon successful activation of your Konnect Home Remittance Account, you will receive an SMS from 8425 with your 24-digit IBAN number.

For the complete list of Konnect agents

Konnect Home Remittance Account number

Your Konnect Home Remittance Account number is your Konnect registered mobile number.

Receiving International Remittance

To receive international remittance, you need to share the Konnect Home Remittance 24-digit IBAN (e.g PKxxHABBxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) with the sender.

Transaction Limits

The Konnect Home Remittance Account is subject to the transaction limits given below:

Daily Cash Withdrawal
PKR 50,000
Monthly Cash Withdrawal
PKR 500,000
Maximum Balance
PKR 1,500,000
Daily Debit from HRA limit
PKR 100,000

Note: Credit in Konnect Home Remittance Account can only be made through remittance received from abroad

For further assistance, please call Konnect CustomerCare at 021-111-425-111.