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Konnect Account

Your Konnect Account is a branchless banking account tagged to your mobile number. Your mobile number will effectively become your Konnect Account number. With this account, you can easily conduct banking on-the-go.

You can open a Konnect Account by visiting any of the Konnect Shops, HBL Biometric ATMs, through Konnect Mobile App or SMS.

Features and Benefits

• Funds transfer
• Bill payment
• Mobile & Internet top-ups
• Shopping at Konnect Shops
• International home remittance
• Donation and Zakat payment
• Institutional payments
• Loan repayments

Open Account

You can register for a Konnect Account through any of the following channels:

All you need is a PTA registered SIM in your name and a valid CNIC to open your Konnect Account.

Types of accounts

Konnect offers three types of accounts based on transaction limits and documentation requirements.

Level 0

This is an entry level account and can be registered remotely through Konnect Mobile App.

Limits (PKR)
Daily transaction limit
Monthly transaction limit
Annual transaction limit
Account balance limit

Note: These limits are set on cumulative mobile account transactions (via any relevant channel available). There is no limit on the number of transactions carried out in an active state.

Level 1

This is a biometrically verified account with enhanced limits. You will be required to either visit a Konnect Shop or HBL Biometric ATM and register by providing your biometric impression for validation.

Limits (PKR)
Daily transaction limit
Monthly transaction limit
Annual transaction limit
Account balance limit

Level 2

This is a customized account for Konnect agents only.

To apply for a Level 2 account, please call Konnect CustomerCare at 021-111-425-111.