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HBL Islamic Foreign Currency Investment Deposit

An account for all those individuals who wish to maintain their savings in foreign currency and want to earn great periodic returns.

Key Features

  • Offered in USD, Euro and GBP
  • Open an account with just 1,000 units of any of the foreign currency specified above
  • Profit payout on maturity
  • Availability of multiple tenors
  • Facility for early redemption as per bank’s policy

Guiding Principle

HBL Islamic Foreign Currency Investment Deposit Account is based on the concept of Mudaraba. Under this arrangement, customer (Rab-ul-Maal) provides funds to HBL (Mudarib) for investment under Shariah guidelines. The actual profit at the end of period is shared between the customer and HBL as per the pre-agreed profit sharing ratio. Loss, if any, is borne by the customer and HBL will not be entitled for Mudarib share of profit.

Note: Terms and conditions apply. Withholding Tax is applicable as per applicable law. All facilities are subject to Islamic Schedule of Bank Charges (I-SOBC)

HBL IslamicHighYieldAccount (Key Fact Sheet - Urdu) - Jul to Dec 2020.pdf  
Size: 564 KB
HBL HYFID (Key Fact Sheet) - Jul - Dec 2020.pdf  
Size: 457 KB