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HBL PaymentSolutions

HBL Payment Solutions offers the convenience of bulk payment options through an easily accessible web based platform. Itis ideal for local corporates including stock exchange listed companies, public sector entities, multi-national companies and/or multi-lateral agencies.

  • HBL to HBL fund transfer: allows clients to execute transactions by transferring funds in real time from their accounts held with HBL into their beneficiary’s account maintained with HBL. This feature allows clients to initiate bulk transactions. The maximum allowed limit is PKR 7,000,000 per transaction.​
  • Bulk interbank fund aransfer: allows clients to directly credit beneficiary accounts with banks other than HBL. Funds are transferred in real time from HBL to 1-link member bank with a transaction limit of PKR 250,000 per transaction. Client may also execute a single fund transfer through this platform.​
  • Smart cheque issuance: option allows clients to make bulk payments by issuing Smart Cheque. The features of Smart Cheque is similar to HBL Banker’s Cheque. ​
  • Cash over counter: allows clients to upload payment instructions on HBL Payments enabling beneficiaries to collect the cash from branches. The maximum allowed limit for cash over counter is PKR 10,000/- per transaction.


HBL Payment solutions platform allows clients to track transaction status with the following features:​

  • Real-time information of transactions executed on payments platform.​
  • Customers to create customized transaction summary reports.​
  • Various MIS report viewing and scheduling options. Customization allows scheduling of reports to be delivered by the hour on daily basis or by date or type of transactions. ​
  • Transaction status update report provides information on the transactions posted on the core banking system. The report highlights both successful and unsuccessful instances.
  • MIS reporting on status of a range of transactions.
  • SMS alerts and email notifications to the beneficiary as well as the client.

How to Apply?

Please get in touch with your HBL Relationship Manager or visit HBL Branch.