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Current Accounts

A safe way to accumulate funds, HBL’s Islamic current accounts allow individuals and businesses to deposit and withdraw their funds round the clock.
Please note that Islamic Current Accounts are non-profit bearing based on the concept of Qard. Under this arrangement, HBL stands liable to repay the deposited amount upon demand. Funds deposited with the bank will be utilized by the bank at its sole discretion in Shariah acceptable avenues.

Currently, HBL offers the following products:

  • HBL Islamic BasicBankingAccount (BBA)
  • HBL Islamic CurrentAccount
  • HBL Islamic AsaanAccount

Fair Treatment to Customers

Islamic Current Accounts have various elements of charges on services provided by the bank. Details along with copy of Islamic Schedule of Bank Charges (I-SOBC) are available at all Islamic Banking Branches (IBBs) and authorized Islamic Banking Windows (IBWs). All Taxes/Excise Duty/Withholding Tax/ FED etc. levied by the government will be recovered wherever applicable.

Important Documents

Key Fact Sheets ( HBL Islamic CurrentAccount)- July 2017.pdf  
Size: 76 KB