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Cash Management

Under Cash Management we offer an array of Products & services to cover the entire Payments and collections loop


​We have a web-based HBL Payments platform that can meet the challenges of a rapidly growing domestic payment system. This system has the capability and capacity to cater to different types of payment transactions. Major functionalities of this application include making payments in bulk via different input and payment modes customized to account level.



  • Round the clock accessibility
  • Multiple transaction insertion modes i.e. manual upload via application login, SFTP or email.
  • Real-time funds transfer
  • Real Time alert & customized reports
  • Secured 128 bit SSL encryption on the internet
  • Feature to upload encrypted files in the system



Following are the products offered on HBL Payments:

  • Salary Transfer: Initiate bulk salary transfers into employee accounts with salary data confidentiality intact. Funds can be transferred into conventional accounts or HBL mobile wallets.
  • HBL to HBL Funds Transfer: Transfer funds in real time from your HBL Account to beneficiary’s HBL account(s)
  • Interbank Fund Transfer: Directly credit funds to non-HBL account holders. The funds are transferred in real time from HBL to 1-link member bank.
  • Smart Cheque (Pay Order) Issuance: Issue Pay Orders via online instructions. Smart Cheque printing available in 6 major cities – Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Peshawar and Multan.
  • Corporate Cheque: Issue corporate cheques with scanned signatures, printing at your own premises or outsource it to us. The secured stationery is provided by us as per your unique requirement on A4 size paper.
  • Cash over Counter: You can pay small ticket transactions in cash via HBL counters. Transaction secured via unique transaction PIN sent on the beneficiary’s email address or cell number. The beneficiary can claim funds against this PIN at any HBL Branch in Pakistan.
  • Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) Request: Eliminating paper-based RTGS request, you can make the RTGS request via HBL Payments portal and it will be processed by the Bank as per the existing RTGS cut off time.
  • Tax Payments: No need to visit branches and wait in queues for FBR tax and custom duty payments. Tax payment details are fetched upon entering PSID(s) after which payments can be executed directly from the portal securely.
  • E-Statements: Review you statement online and download them in PDF, Excel and/ or CSV formats.


HBL offers a wide array of Collections products that are aimed to transform our corporate customer’s traditional approach to collection.

  • Single collection account with Sweep Facility
  • Single and Customizable reports irrespective of the collection channel.
  • Alerts on the real-time and scheduled basis.
  • Statement of Account available in MT940 format and adaptability to be sent over email or SWIFT.


  • Easy Collect: A customized solution to manage your unique collection requirements through a single collection account. Your depositor may make payments at any HBL branch, you will be notified instantly via real time alerts and day end reporting.
  • Standing instruction via Debit Authority (SIDA): Option to recover funds from your Payer’s holding accounts with HBL, under a triparty agreement. SIDA is supported by Web-based platform whereby you send invoice data for automated collections from your Payer’s accounts.
  • Cash in Transit (CIT): A service for secured movement of cash from designated locations with overnight vault facility. This service is being provided through our vendor and is backed by an insurance policy.
  • E-Collections: Under the E-Collections arrangement your nominated payers are given online access to securely transfer funds to your account in real-time.
  • Mobile Banking: Mobile Banking offers an alternate channel to facilitate collections via digital channel. Using HBL Mobile App, your payer can make payments directly to your account.

Other Cash Management Services

  • Dividend Payments: Outsource electronic payment of cash dividends. Whether your shareholders have an account with HBL or with other banks, our solution supports both types of fund transfers. In case where a beneficiary bank is not listed for IBFT, fund transfers can be done via RTGS or pay orders.
  • Utility Bill Payment System: This service allows you to register your utility companies’ consumer numbers with us. Post registration, the utility bills will be auto-paid by the system at least 5 days before the due date.
  • Capital Market Product: Under this service we manage specialized collections and payments of IPO / Right Shares / TFC /Sukuk /Bonds collection. Both conventional branch deposit and electronic channels i.e. Mobile Banking and Internet banking are activated (to facilitate e-IPO). All collections via different channels will be routed to a single account. A comprehensive reporting and alert mechanism is available to keep the client updated on the collection status.

How to Apply?

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