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Transaction & Employee Banking

We offer customized solutions for you and pride in being your financial consultants. HBL Transaction and Employee Banking (TEB) consisting of Cash Management and HBL at Work (HAW) and maintains an industry leadership position in both business segments. We are continuously involved in providing innovative solutions, expanding our products/services suite and increasing efficiency for our partners.

HBL offers a full range of transaction banking services aimed at augmenting customer’s liquidity position, providing accurate and timely reporting while reducing operational cost.


We have a web-based HBL Payments platform that can meet the challenges of a rapidly growing domestic payment system. This system has the capability and capacity to cater to different types of payment transactions. Major functionalities of this application include making payments via different input and payment modes customized to account level.


  • Round the clock accessibility
  • Multiple transaction insertion modes i.e. manual upload via application login, SFTP or email
  • Real-time funds transfer
  • Customized reports
  • Secured 128 bit SSL encryption on the internet
  • Feature to upload encrypted files in the system


Following are the products offered on HBL Payments:

  • HBL to HBL Funds Transfer: You can transfer funds in real time from your HBL Account to beneficiary’s HBL account(s)
  • Bulk Interbank Fund Transfer: You can directly credit funds to non-HBL account holders. The funds are transferred in real time from HBL to 1-link member bank.
  • Smart Cheque (Pay Order) Issuance: You can make bulk payments by issuing Smart Cheque. Smart Cheque printing is is currently available at 6 major cities – Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Peshawar and Multan.
  • Corporate Cheque: You can print corporate cheques in bulk either at your own premises or outsource it to the bank. The secured stationery is provided by HBL as per your request on A4 size paper. You have the option to pre-assign instrument number to each transaction or system can auto-assign instrument number.
  • Cash over Counter: You can pay small ticket transactions in cash over HBL counters. A unique transaction PIN is generated against each transaction which is sent on the beneficiary’s email address or cell number. A beneficiary can claim funds against this PIN at any HBL Branch in Pakistan
  • Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) Request: RTGS request is an option whereby the paper-based RTGS transfer request is eliminated. You can make the RTGS request on the HBL Payments portal and it will be processed by the bank as per the existing RTGS cut off time


HBL offers a wide array of Collections products that transform our corporate customer’s traditional approach to collection. The products that we provide are the following:

  • Easy Collect: HBL Easy Collect provides customized solutions according to your needs while effectively managing fund movement and reporting through a single collection account. A depositor may make payments using the largest branch network of 1700+ branches with customized reporting and real-time alert facility either via instruments, cash deposits or account transfers.
    • Co-branded and customized deposit slips
    • Auto fund movement on day 0 in concentration account or real-time multiple credits into client concentration account
    • Depositor (dealers or franchisee) data management for reporting
  • Standing instruction via Debit Authority (SIDA): A tri-party SLA between our corporate customer, their depositor, and HBL allowing direct debiting depositors account in HBL to collect payments against your invoices. SIDA is supported by Web-based platform whereby you send invoice data for automated collections from dealer/franchisee accounts
  • Cash in Transit: Cash in Transit is a secured movement of cash from designated locations with overnight vault facility. HBL facilitates in the outsourcing of your Cash Management System via ‘Cash in Transit’ product, thus giving you the ability to focus attention on your core business. The cash in transit will provide a secure and safe way of delivering bulk cash to the bank. This saves your time spent on delivering and depositing money to the bank. Cash-in-transit service is being provided through our vendor that is the security company. The CIT service is backed by an insurance policy through the security company.
  • E-Collections: Under the E-Collections arrangement nominated dealers/ franchisees of the company are given online access to securely transfer funds to the company in real-time.
  • Mobile Banking: Mobile Banking offers an alternate channel to facilitate collections, be it B2B or C2B. Using HBL Mobile App, your payer can now make payments – backed by customized and seamless reporting.

MIS/Reports & Alerts

  • Single and Customizable reports irrespective of the collection channel.
  • Alerts on the real-time and scheduled basis.
  • Statement of Account available in MT940 format and can be sent over email or SWIFT.

Other Cash Management Services

  • Dividend Payments: HBL Transaction and Employee Banking offers electronic payment of cash dividends for local payments. The listed companies’ shareholders may have an account with HBL or other banks. Our solution supports both types of customers in terms of local dividend payment in their accounts either HBL to HBL (Internal Funds Transfer) or HBL to other banks through (Inter Bank Funds Transfer – IBFT). In the case where a beneficiary bank is not listed for IBFT, fund transfers can be done via RTGS or pay orders.
  • Utility Bill Payment System: UBPS allows the corporate/ institutional clients to register their respective utility companies’ consumer numbers on HBL Payments Platform. Post registration, the utility bills will be auto-paid by the system at least 5 days before the due date.

How to Apply?

Please get in touch with your HBL Relationship Manager or visit HBL Branch