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About Us

Habib Bank Limited UAE

takes great pride in providing personalized service to meet your financial needs.

About Us

Head Office Management

  • Mr. Muhammad Aurangzeb

    Mr. Muhammad Aurangzeb

    President & CEO
  • Mr. Sagheer Mufti

    Mr. Sagheer Mufti

    Chief Operating Officer
  •  Mr. Aamir Irshad

    Mr. Aamir Irshad

    Head Corporate, Commercial & Investment Banking
  • Mr. Aamir Kureshi

    Mr. Aamir Kureshi

    Head - Consumer Banking ​​​
  •  Dr. Aamir Matin

    Dr. Aamir Matin

    Head Technology
  •  Mr. Abrar Ahmed Mir

    Mr. Abrar Ahmed Mir

    Chief Innovation & Financial Inclusion Officer
  • Mr. Adnan Pasha Siddiqui

    Mr. Adnan Pasha Siddiqui

    Chief of Staff
  • Mr. Muhammad Afaq Khan

    Mr. Muhammad Afaq Khan

    Head Islamic Banking
  •  Mr. Armughan Ahmed Kausar

    Mr. Armughan Ahmed Kausar

    Chief Internal Auditor​
  •  Mr. Farhan Talib

    Mr. Farhan Talib

    Regional General Manager China & Singapore
  • Mr. Faisal Lalani

    Mr. Faisal Lalani

    Head International Banking
  •  Mr. Jamal Nasir

    Mr. Jamal Nasir

    Chief Human Resources Officer
  •  Mr. Muhammad Nassir Salim

    Mr. Muhammad Nassir Salim

    Head Global Operations
  • Mr. Naeem Bashir Ahmad

    Mr. Naeem Bashir Ahmad

    Head Business Transformation
  • Mr. Waheed Rathore

    Mr. Waheed Rathore

    Chief Compliance Officer
  • Mr. Rayomond Kotwal

    Mr. Rayomond Kotwal

    Chief Financial Officer
  •  Mr. Risha A.Mohyeddin

    Mr. Risha A.Mohyeddin

    Global Treasurer
  • Ms. Neelofar Hameed

    Ms. Neelofar Hameed

    Company Secretary
  • Mr. Amer Aziz

    Mr. Amer Aziz

    Head - Development Finance
  • Tariq Masaud

    Tariq Masaud

    Chief Risk Officer
  • Mr. Sami Aziz

    Mr. Sami Aziz

    Head Remedial and Structured Credits