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About Us

Habib Bank Limited UAE

takes great pride in providing personalized service to meet your financial needs.

About Us

Code of Ethics

To HBL, preserving and nurturing Bank’s reputation and commitment towards its core values is of utmost importance. The Bank expects all employees to conduct themselves in accordance with Code of Ethics and Business Conduct that provides guidelines to employees and Board of Directors in their actions and serve as a declaration of highest standards of ethics and integrity. The Code lays down the principles and sets the tone for proper conduct and ethical behavior in conducting business at HBL. This Code applies to the Board and all employees of HBL in their decisions and activities within the scope of employment, or when representing the Bank in any capacity. The Board, the Chairman and the President have ultimate responsibility for ensuring the legality and integrity of the Bank’s operations while day-to-day responsibility lies with line management and each employee.

We Expect In Our People
  • Integrity, honesty, candor and moral principles that guide their daily actions
  • Honest and ethical conduct, including ethical handling of actual or apparent conflicts of interests between personal and professional relationships
  • Due diligence and proficiency in all business activities
  • Compliance to all legal and regulatory requirements, applicable governmental laws, rules and regulations
  • Conformity with all rules & regulations of the bank and observance of all orders / directives issued by management
  • Avoid any conflict between your personal, social, financial or political interests and the advancement of HBL’s business interests or the interests of its customers
  • The Bank prohibits employees from soliciting or accepting anything of value including gift, entertainment, or other favors from anyone in connection with the business of the Bank unless otherwise such acceptance is disclosed or is excluded from such disclosure
  • Refrain from bringing in outside pressure or influence to attain personal gains within the organization

We Are A Customer Focused Organisation And Want Employees To
  • Provide highest standard of services to customers and maintain a helpful and cooperative attitude towards them
  • Respect and protect privacy and confidentiality of our customers
  • Not disclose any information about the Bank or customer unless such disclosure is compelled by law or regulatory authorities
  • Be vigilant for character and actions of customers, vendors, and counter parties

We Promote Transparency And Expect Employees To Manage Conflicts Of Interests
  • Ensure that your personal interests do not conflict with the duties which you owe to the Bank or which the Bank owes to its customers
  • Bank’s books, records, documents, accounts, expense sheets, reports and statements must be factual to promote highest degree of integrity
  • Publicly representing self or submitting work for publication must be done after obtaining necessary approvals from Management. Ensure that public comments made in private capacity are not attributed as official comments of the Bank
  • Maintain confidentiality and secrecy at all times even after leaving the employment of the bank as a commitment towards acceptance of a corporate code.

We Progress Through Trust & Integrity
  • It is essential for HBL’s success to comply with laws, regulations and ethical standards that is an important element of our obligation towards customers, stakeholders, general public and employees
  • As an employee of the Bank, you are prohibited to engage in insider trading of securities and observe Bank’s rules on personal trading in securities
  • Any suspicious activities such as, suspected insider trading, fraud, misappropriation of funds and money laundering must be reported to Compliance Officer of the Bank
  • We are accountable for all compliance related activities and are cooperative with our regulators and auditors in performing their tasks with Integrity

We Want Employees To Protect & Manage Bank’s Assets
  • Employees are responsible for safeguarding Bank’s and the customers’ tangible and intangible assets including cash, securities, business plans, customer information, physical property and services and Bank’s reputation
  • Unauthorized copying of copyrighted material, selling, using and distributing information, software and other forms of bank’s proprietary information is strictly prohibited
  • The Bank’s property and assets be strictly used for business purposes only. Misuse of official stationary is not allowed
  • Be alert and vigilant with respect to frauds, thefts or significant illegal activities committed within the office and report such activity immediately.

We Are Equal Opportunity Employer And Promote Equality & Meritocracy
  • We treat all our employees, customers, suppliers and others with respect and dignity and value their individual differences. Bank shall not tolerate any act of discrimination against any person on the basis of race, religion, color, gender, age, marital status, national/ethical origin, sexual orientation, citizenship or disability. No employee shall be subjected to any discrimination or harassment by another employee of the Bank
  • We do not prohibit employment of close relatives; however, integrity of the human resource process must be maintained. Employee shall not be part of any decision affecting a close relative to avoid conflict of interest

We Are Committed Towards Creating & Maintaining A Safe Work Place
  • HBL has zero tolerance for violence against any member of the workforce or its property and prohibits employees from committing violent acts or threatens to commit such acts
  • You should be responsible to maintain office decorum and observe office timings, dress code and fulfill work commitments
  • HBL fosters well-being and health of its employees and discourages illegal use drugs or alcohol on the job or work in presence of such substances in the body
  • HBL prohibits smoking in undesignated areas
  • HBL strictly forbids the violation of safety or health rules

Observance Of Code

It is the duty and responsibility of each employee and Board of Directors to understand and adhere to the principles provided in the Code.

Any known or suspected violation of the Code must immediately be reported to the Human Resources. Violations of the Code may result in disciplinary action including, in severe situations, immediate termination of employment. We encourage employees to direct concerns or complaints, arising in the ordinary course of business, which cannot be resolved by the supervisor, to respective Functional Head(s) / Human Resources. If further information, explanation or guidance is required regarding a particular provision or applicability of the code, the “Code of Ethics & Business Conduct for HBL Staff” should be referred to, or you may contact your immediate Manager or Human Resources.