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HBL Islamic Supply Chain Financing

A Shariah compliant financing facility that offers working capital finance to small and mid-size dealers & vendors of corporate companies (Principal Company) in Pakistan.

Key Features

Dealer Financing

      Short term financing facility for dealers to purchase goods/commodities etc. for business operations

      Offered under Islamic mode of Murabaha

Vendor Financing

      Short term financing facility for vendors to receive instant liquidity for business operations

      Offered under Islamic mode of Tijarah – Finished Goods Financing


      Customer must meet the bank’s as well as applicable regulator’s policies

      Customer to provide acceptable collateral as per bank’s requirement

Product Disclosure

All bank charges will apply as per the prevalent Islamic Schedule of Bank Charges.

Guiding Principle

Dealer Financing

Bank will purchase goods from Principal Company by appointing customer as its agent. After taking possession of goods (constructive or physical), Bank will sell goods to dealer on deferred payment basis.

Vendor Financing

In the first phase, Bank will buy finished goods from vendor on spot payment basis. In the second phase, Bank will appoint vendor as its agent to sell the goods to Principal Company as Bank’s agent and bring back sale proceeds.

Terms and conditions apply.