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HBL Tijarah

A short-term trade based financing facility designed to meet liquidity requirements of the customers involved in manufacturing/trading of goods.

Key Features

  • Sale and agency based financing against finished goods
  • Ideal for customers engaged in local or international trading
  • Competitive pricing


  • Minimum length of business should be 3 years
  • Customer must meet the bank’s as well as applicable regulator’s policies
  • Customer to provide acceptable collateral as per bank’s requirement

How to apply

Applicant to provide:

  • Customer’s Basic Fact Sheet
  • Facility Application Form
  • Financial Statements (as per Prudential Regulations)
  • Company’s Profile
  • Purchase Order
  • Average One Year Stock Report
  • All other documents as per bank’s policy and regulatory guidelines

Guiding Principle

Under this facility, bank purchases customer’s finished goods on a spot payment basis and then appoints customer as its agent to sell the same in the market. Customer finally settles its financing with bank upon receipt of proceeds from the ultimate buyer. Terms and conditions apply.