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Islamic SME Banking


HBL Islamic Banking offers a range of financing options for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) customers to meet their following requirements:
• Working Capital : Murabaha, Istisna, Salam
• Capital Expenditure : Ijarah, Diminishing Musharakah
• Trade Based : Letter of Credit, Letter of Guarantee


• Offers Shariah-compliant solutions to meet short term and long-term financing requirements of customers
• Avail Dedicated Shariah compliant product for each type of customer’s need
• Avail Flexible payment options 
• Avail Competitive pricing


Small Enterprises

Annual Sale Turnover
(in PKR)​
No. of Employees*
Small Enterprise
Up to 150 Million
Up to 50

*including contractual employees

Medium Enterprises

Sale (in PKR)
No. of Employees
Manufacturing and Service Concern
Over 150 Million and up to 800 Million
51-250 (including contractual employees)
Trading Concern
Over 150 Million and up to 800 Million
51-100 (including contractual employees)

Note: The above definition is taken from the applicable Prudential Regulations of SBP.