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Criteria & Documentation


• Customer or primary sponsor must be a Pakistani resident
• Minimum length of business should be 3 years
• Customer must meet the bank’s as well as applicable regulator’s policies
• Customer to provide acceptable collateral / security as per bank’s requirement

Applicant to provide:

• Original CNIC along with attested copy
• Customer’s audited financial statements and disclosures (wherever applicable)
• Proprietorship declaration/partnership deed/latest Form 29 and Form A/Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association
• Copy of collateral / security documents
 • Other documents as per bank’s policy and regulator’s guidelines

Financing Process:

1. Customer approaches the bank for financing need of its business.
2. Bank conducts financial assessment of the customer and its business.
3. Bank offers most suitable Shariah compliant solution to the customer to fulfil its requirements. 
4. After necessary approvals, bank provides financing facility approval to the customer. 
5. The customer and bank will follow the transaction as per the product specific process flow and implementation of collaterals/securities/execution of documentation as per approval terms.