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HBL- Salam

A contract of Salam may be concluded using the word Salam, or Salaf, or Sale, or any term that indicates sale of a prescribed commodity for deferred delivery in exchange for immediate payment of price.

Salam (advance payment against deferred delivery of goods) means a kind of sale whereby the seller undertakes to supply specific goods to a buyer at future date in consideration of a price fully paid in advance at the time of the contract of sale is made.

Salam facilitates businesses involved in agricultural and industrial production or trade and the like. They need working capital in the form of either cash or goods. Hence Salam meets immediate needs for liquidity because it gives the seller flexibility in using the sale proceeds (before the commodity is delivered) and the opportunity to arrange for the purchased commodity and its delivery to the buyer at the date of delivery.


To meet working capital requirements to manufacture or acquire goods by the customer and to deliver it to the Bank on Due Date. It also covers financing to meet short term or day to day liquidity requirements for both core and overheads expenses. However, the major purpose under Salam is financing for manufacture or acquisition of specified goods. Salam shall be used for:

  • Working capital financing for manufacturing and purchase of goods.
  • Export Financing, for all Pre shipment facilities.

Eligibility Criteria

To Corporate/SME customers engaged in manufacturing for local and/or for export of goods. These businesses should have a satisfactory and proven track record, good reputation, financial standing and a business line not in conflict with Shariah and/or any regulatory injunctions, as decided by the Bank’s RSBM/Shariah Board.