​Dr. Azra Fazal Pechuho - Minister of Health & Population Welfare - Sindh, Saeed Ghani - Minister of Information & Labour - Sindh and Muhammad Aurangzeb, President & CEO- HBL inaugurating the HBL Drive-Through Vaccination Facility at the National Stadium, Karachi. Present at the occasion were Dr. Palitha Mahipala–WHO Representative and Head of Mission in Pakistan, senior government officials and executives from the organizations.

​Karachi, August 13, 2021

HBL in collaboration with the Government of Sindh inaugurated a COVID-19 Drive-through Vaccination Facility at the National Stadium Karachi. The facility will be operational from 10 AM to 10 PM daily and citizens will be able to avail this drive-through facility, free of charge. The vaccination is being undertaken by the Aga Khan Health Services (AKHS) team.

Dr. Azra Fazal Pechuho - Minister of Health & Population Welfare, Government of Sindh, was the chief guest at the inauguration. Saeed Ghani – Minister of Information and Labour, Government of Sindh, Dr. Palitha Mahipala – WHO Representative, Head of Mission in Pakistan, and Senior Government representatives from the Ministry of Health as well as the District Management team graced the occasion. Muhammad Aurangzeb, President & CEO – HBL, along with senior executives of the Bank represented HBL at the inauguration.

The facility has been set up to support the Government of Sindh’s ongoing efforts to contain the COVID-19 pandemic and encourage vaccination across the city.

HBL undertook the largest vaccination drive for any corporate entity in the country as part of its #HBLCares initiative. More than 11,000 staff members and their families were vaccinated in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Multan.

Muhammad Aurangzeb, President & CEO – HBL, commenting on the occasion, said, “HBL is proud to extend its support to the Government of Sindh in accelerating its efforts towards immunization of the people of Karachi. The HBL Drive-Through Vaccination Facility is one of the many initiatives that the Bank has undertaken to combat the COVID-19 crisis in the country. I would urge everyone to get themselves and their loved ones vaccinated.”

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Karachi, 9 August 2021

HBL partners with the Government of Sindh in their continuing efforts to control the COVID-19 pandemic and encourage vaccination across the city. The Bank is facilitating the setting up of a COVID-19 Drive-through Vaccination Facility in Karachi.

The facility that is being set up will be located with-in the premises of the National Stadium, Karachi. The citizens will be able to avail this drive-through facility, free of charge.

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Karachi, 28 July 2021

HBL has launched WhatsApp Banking for its customers enabling them to avail select banking services through the platform. The service is powered by E Ocean, a leading Cloud Communications provider.

HBL WhatsApp Banking solution facilitates one-to-one conversations with customers seamlessly, and responds to queries, real time in a secure way. Customers can simply send a message via WhatsApp to the HBL UAN number (021-111-111-425) and request for their account balance, acquire product information, inquire about Roshan Digital Account (RDA) Services, locate nearest ATMs and Branches and obtain responses to FAQs. Furthermore, RDA customers can also chat with live agents via this messaging application.

With the deployment of the of the WhatsApp Banking service, HBL has further solidified its customer-centric digital banking and aims to develop a deeper understanding of customer needs to serve them better by offering intuitive banking solutions.

Abrar Ahmed Mir, Chief Innovation & Financial Inclusion Officer – HBL, commenting on the deployment said, “We are happy to be partnering with eOcean for the deployment of the WhatsApp Banking service. This offering is a pivotal step in providing HBL’s customers, especially those who are frequent users of WhatsApp, seamless customer service through this Conversational Messaging platform. This is in line with the Bank’s

focus on keeping our customers at the forefront of our digital transformation journey and continuing to empower them with hassle-free, convenient lifestyle options.”

Altaf Siddiqui, Director of Pre-sales and Products at E Ocean said, “Being a first official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider in Pakistan, we are truly grateful and honored to partner with HBL for trusting us to deliver WhatsApp banking for its customers for a secure and seamless banking experience. At E Ocean we have witnessed first-hand the support and cooperation extended to us by HBL team to deliver a complex on-premises solution in record time.”

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Karachi, 05 August 2021

HBL becomes the first bank in Pakistan to launch the Dynamic QR code transaction process. In partnership with Visa and Confiz, the new transaction process offers a seamless, safe and convenient payment mechanism for the customer.

Reinforcing its passion for customer-centric digital banking under the slogan of ‘more than just banking’, HBL Mobile and Konnect by HBL are tirelessly working towards developing a deeper understanding of customer needs in order to serve them better by offering them intuitive banking solutions.

The Dynamic QR code process will enable HBL Mobile, Konnect by HBL and other Visa QR issuing bank customers a “One scan solution” to process their payments. Customers no longer have to manually enter the transaction amount after scanning to make a payment. Through this new process, customers will only scan one QR code which will be printed on the in store POS receipt or displayed on the in-store POS terminal and all of their transaction details will be captured and processed automatically.

The new process is aimed at being both end-user friendly, and integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX; a leading ERP solution which is already implemented by several leading retail brands in Pakistan – some of these include: Alkaram Studio, Mothercare, Next, Debenhams, ELC and Timberland. The new ERP solution is a state of the art, easy to use, fully customizable, scalable system providing merchants and retailers real time visibility on synchronisation of services from inventory, orders, store-level sales to payments management. Previously, this was all being handled and updated manually with multiple reports being generated, that required cross functional teams to work round the clock and which was an extremely time and resource consuming activity. As part of launch for this project, HBL will be going live with AK Galleria for the Dynamic QR solution, their brands include Aldo, Babyshop, Mango, Splash & Women’s Secret.

Abrar Ahmed Mir, Chief Innovation and Financial Inclusion Officer – HBL, commenting on the new service said ‘’We are delighted to be the first bank in Pakistan to offer the dynamic Visa QR code transaction process with our partners Visa and Confiz. This is a further step to providing our mobile banking users with a more seamless and convenient payment solution. It benefits not only the end customer but also helps digitalise the supply chain thus creating more value for everyone.”

Kamil Khan , Visa’s Country Manager for Pakistan, also lauded HBL’s efforts in launching Dynamic QR code and said, “We are pleased to see innovative solutions being launched by HBL that offer a myriad of benefits to both merchants and consumers, in addition to driving digital payments acceptance in Pakistan. Integrated POS and Dynamic QR solutions have a global proven track record as they simplify the consumer experience as well as solve merchants operational limitations.”

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Karachi, 05 April 2021

HBL has joined forces with Hysab Kytab and launched the first comprehensive Personal Finance Manager (PFM) solution, offered by any bank in Pakistan. Hysab Kytab’s PFM (budgeting) tool is integrated into HBL Mobile and will enable all app users to take control of their financial wellbeing.

Reinforcing its passion for customer-centric digital banking under the slogan of ‘more than just banking’, HBL Mobile is tirelessly working towards developing a deeper understanding of customer needs in order to server them better by offering them intuitive banking solutions. Now, HBL Mobile users will be able to record and track expenses, create budgets in various categories, plan and track saving goals, and view all accounts in one place, amongst other features.

Commenting on this partnership Abrar Ahmed Mir, Chief Innovation and Financial Inclusion Officer - HBL said ‘’This partnership with Hysab Kytab is a pivotal step in providing our mobile banking users with a holistic view of their finances, and empowers our customers to make sound financial decisons. HBL continues to deliver innovative banking solutions, and this PFM will act as a key differentiator in our internet and mobile banking services.”

Veqar Islam, Head - Hysab Kytab stated ” Going live with HBL is a major milestone. Hysab Kytab is a PFM born in Pakistan and I thank HBL for trusting and selecting it for their own digital platforms. This is the kind of support that our local banks can offer to help Pakistan’s FinTech industry to grow and provide solution for the local requirements.”

We encourage our customers to login to the HBL Mobile app, click on ‘budget’ section and make use of this facility.

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Muhammad Aurangzeb, President & CEO - HBL (Left) and Fawad Ahmed Mukhtar, CEO Fatima Group (Right), signing the agreement between the two organizations.

Karachi, 28 July 2021

HBL and Agro Digital (Pvt.) Limited (a Fatima Group company) signed a strategic partnership through an MOU that encompasses jointly exploring various activities that will have a sustainable impact on the agriculture sector whilst uplifting the financial well-being of small farmers in Pakistan

HBL’s Development Finance Group (DFG) is tasked with deepening and widening the agro-ecosystem using innovative technologies and fair priced financing solutions to augment Pakistan’s agriculture value chain under a unique ‘Farm-to-Fork’ model. The Bank has successfully launched pilots on major food crops that involve optimized agronomy advisory alongside fair-priced quality inputs and mechanized services in the form of ‘in kind’ loans. These have been ‘tailored for each farmer in the field’, by the agronomists employed by HBL. Farmers are on boarded digitally via HBL Pay and loans are approved swiftly using the end-to-end seamless digital process.

Fatima Group is an established name in the agri sector and is playing a major role in key crops of the country. It has a strong footprint in Pakistan’s agricultural sector. Its flagship brand “Sarsabz” is the fertilizer of choice amongst millions of farmers across Pakistan and is used for all crops and in all seasons. It contributes to the national economy by enhancing crop yields of more than 10 million acres through provision of value-added fertilizers, thus contributing to the national food security. In addition, Fatima Group has one of the largest teams of agriculture experts in the country providing advisory services to Farmers.

Muhammad Aurangzeb, President & CEO – HBL, commenting on the occasion said, “HBL is committed to empowering the marginalized and underserved sectors of the economy, leading to a more financially inclusive society. HBL’s strategic alliance with Agro Digital (Fatima Group) will enable farmers, who are the backbone of our country, to build a secure livelihood. Investing in the agricultural sector is an integral part of the Bank’s business agenda and is in line with the Government of Pakistan’s vision of building a prosperous agricultural economy that will contribute to the national GDP and uplift rural communities.”

Fawad Ahmed Mukhtar, CEO Fatima Group, commenting on the MOU signing said, “Fatima Group’s vision is to bring about transformation of Pakistan’s agriculture sector. We are an active partner with the Governments of Pakistan & China under CPEC-II Agriculture Development Initiative and are collaborating with reputed companies to bring high quality seed of cotton and other value-added crops in Pakistan. Our aim is to develop a well-integrated and vibrant agriculture ecosystem with an objective to fulfil farmer needs of access to finance, inputs, markets and information by using latest technologies. We are also striving to bring modern crop-production technologies to develop end-to-end value chain of agri products. This collaboration between Fatima Group and HBL will assist farmers with access to quality seeds & fertilizers, crop management advisory services and mechanization services resulting in better yields.”

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E-commerce businesses and their customers can now benefit from increased payment flexibility

Karachi, 03 August 2021

HBL and National Institutional Facilitation Technologies (NIFT) have signed an agreement enabling account-based payments to HBL Pay’s (IPG) e-commerce merchants through NIFT’s ePay (DFS platform). E-Commerce merchants using HBL Pay will now benefit from increased payment flexibility, as they will be able to offer direct, straight-from-bank-account payment options to all of their customers. The agreement will also allow HBL account holders to make payments to merchants on boarded on NIFT ePay Platform.

Until now, e-commerce merchants who used HBL Pay for payment processing, allowed their customers to make either card-based transactions using Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay and PayPak debit / credit cards or card-less (directly from bank accounts) transactions for HBL account holders. Going forward, all such merchants would be able to offer their customers account based payments from all of NIFT’s banking partners. Similarly, e-commerce merchants who use NIFT ePay for payment processing, will be able to collect payments through HBL account holders along with other banking partners.

Speaking on the occasion, Abrar Mir, Chief Innovation and Financial Inclusion Officer – HBL, said: “This partnership is another step in our journey towards achieving our goal of transforming the online shopping experience for customers. Through this partnership, we are now empowering individuals by enabling inclusion of all those account holders of other banks who are currently excluded from e-commerce shopping opportunity because of no access to a debit or credit card. We strongly believe this will also open up a much wider customer base for our e-commerce merchants and result in a true win-win partnership for everyone in the ecosystem. With a focus on facilitating the end customers and e-commerce merchants, HBL Pay has now enabled account-based payments for NIFT’s partner banks through our Internet Payment Gateway.

Meanwhile Haider Wahab, CEO of NIFT said, “Pakistan’s digital ecosystem is finally maturing as its established institutions such as HBL, partner with newer players such as NIFT in order to continuously make the process of payments easier, cheaper and safer for all customers. We look forward to working with our partner banks and HBL Pay to expand the e-commerce and digital payments space further in the years to come.”

Both, HBL and NIFT, believe that this enablement would further accelerate the digitalization of commerce across Pakistan. Banks, aggregators, payment processors and e-commerce merchants – in essence the entire ecosystem – would benefit from a much-expanded customer base. Overall, we expect this arrangement to impact over +90 million bank account and digital wallet users in Pakistan.

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Muhammad Aurangzeb, President & CEO - HBL (Sitting on the left) and Tian Bing, CFO Middle East Region – Huawei (Sitting on the Right) signing the MoU between the two organizations

Karachi, 9 March 2021

HBL and Huawei Pakistan signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to cement their strategic partnership, through projects focused on financial and technological innovation, enabling HBL to augment its existing processes and systems. Both organizations have already completed milestone projects in 2020, such as the Promissory Note discounting project and the SD-WAN projects.

Muhammad Aurangzeb, President & CEO, Sagheer Mufti, Chief Operating Officer, Aamir Irshad, Head Corporate, Commercial & Investment Banking, Farhan Talib, Regional General Manager, China and Singapore, Dr Aamir Matin, Head Technology, Muhammad Nassir Salim, Head Global Operations and Walid Kouba, Regional General Manager, Gulf represented HBL at the occasion. Tian Bing, CFO Middle East Region, David Shi, President Middle East Enterprise, Mark Meng, CEO Huawei Pakistan, and Shahzad Rasheed, Chief Technical Officer represented Huawei. During the ceremony, an HCIE Certification was also awarded to Mr. Naveed Hussain, who is part of HBL’s network team.

Both organizations agreed to work together to focus on technological innovation in digital banking, mobile payment systems, and the cloud platform.

Muhammad Aurangzeb, President & CEO - HBL commenting on the occasion stated, “We are delighted to enter into a global strategic partnership with Huawei with whom HBL has collaborated on a number of successful projects in the past year. HBL’s relationship with Huawei signals our commitment to becoming a “Technology Company with a Banking License,” allowing us to serve our customers better. It is also an affirmation of our commitment to making China the lynchpin of HBL’s international strategy, as we grow our business and portfolio in that region.”

Adding to his sentiments, CFO Middle East Huawei stated, “Our achievements cannot be realized without the support from HBL, our strategic bank partner.” Further adding, “Since 2019, we have comprehensive business cooperation with HBL on sales financing projects, banking services, while also delivering the SD-WAN project.”

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HBL wins “Best Bank in Pakistan 2021” award by Euromoney The Bank also wins ‘Pakistan’s Best Domestic Bank 2021’ award by Asiamoney

Karachi, 15 July 2021

Euromoney awards HBL the accolade of Pakistan’s Best Bank 2021. Earlier this year, the Bank also won Asiamoney award for Best Domestic Bank in Pakistan 2021.

These two awards are the most prestigious awards in the banking industry, globally.

These awards are a recognition of the HBL’s leadership performance and innovative approach in its Consumer banking, Commercial banking and Development Finance business streams, leveraging its digital banking platforms, leading the way in financial inclusion, and the launch of the Beijing branch and capturing opportunities associated with the CPEC initiative.

These are undoubtedly very well-deserved accolades as they come against a backdrop of unprecedented challenging times globally, including Pakistan.

The Euromoney citation for HBL acknowledges “Habib Bank (HBL) is going from strength to strength under Muhammad Aurangzeb (President & CEO). Remarkably, in a year when most banks around the world were trying to stem the losses caused by Covid, HBL doubled its after-tax profits to PKR 30.9 billion ($193.4 million).”

The citation makes specific reference to HBL’s business strength in e-payments, cards, auto and trade businesses.

Remarking on HBL’s rural banking/development finance initiative, the citation reads “Agriculture is a mainstay of HBL’s innovative efforts; the bank aims not only to fund farmers but deploys full-time agronomists to help with improving crop yields.”

Euromoney and Asiamoney are global English-language publications focused on business and finance.

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27 July 2021

CDC Group, the UK’s development finance institution and impact investor, has announced a $50 million risk-sharing facility with HBL UK, the majority-owned subsidiary of HBL, Pakistan’s largest private sector bank. The facility will increase HBL UK’s capacity to support trade with local banks and trade supply chains across South Asia and Africa.

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt trade in goods and commodities, CDC and HBL UK’s facility will provide critical credit support to ensure consumers have access to essential goods and services. It will boost the import of food and agricultural commodities, metals, machinery and other essential resources. The risk-sharing facility will increase economic opportunities across a wide socio-economic strata and support businesses despite the impact of COVID-19 on economic activity, particularly in markets where HBL has a strong regional presence such as Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

This latest commitment from CDC builds on an existing partnership with HBL that spans over five years. It is aligned with the common goal of both organisations of extending financial inclusion across South Asia. The facility will also help HBL UK broaden its reach across Africa, allowing it to provide liquidity to local banks and keep economic activities flowing – much needed support at a time when local banks and businesses struggle to access foreign exchange.

Admir Imami, Director, Head of Trade & Supply Chain Finance, CDC, said: “We are thrilled that CDC’s facility to HBL UK will strengthen the bank’s ability to offer necessary support to local financial institutions, banks and business that are sustaining local economies and meeting basic consumer needs. CDC is committed to focusing its capital toward helping to mitigate the impact of the pandemic throughout Asia and Africa’s markets, even as Covid-19 exacerbates existing pressures on trade finance. We are pleased that our partnership with HBL UK will help address the financing gap to local businesses, sustain supply chain and trade flows, and ensure communities and businesses can recover and grow.”

Andreas Ponce de Leon, Chief Executive Officer, HBL UK, added: “We are proud of the partnership between HBL UK and CDC. At HBL, we are centred on our customers’ needs and that means supporting the communities in which we operate and do business. This partnership will help us sustain growth in our core markets. By supporting local banks, we facilitate access to trade finance needed by growing business, and thereby we help boost exports, create new jobs, promote financial inclusion and underpin economic growth.”

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