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Terms & Conditions

  • HBL will contact the draw winner through cell/phone number registered with HBL.
  • In the event that the winner cannot be reached on the contact information after 6 attempts over the course of 2 days, the prize shall be deemed null and void.
  • All prizes and entries are non-transferrable.​​​​​
  • If the winner cannot avail the prize for any reason, that prize shall be deemed null and void.​​

  • If the winner does not travel for any reason, Additional Friends/Family (defined below) will not be eligible to travel either.
  • Travel date will be determined by HBL and cannot be changed by the winner.

  • Cash redemption of prizes is not available.
  • Winner authentication shall be based on verification against Computerized National Identity Card (“CNIC”).​​​
  • Only winners with a valid CNIC shall be entertained.​​​
  • For Minor winners, winner authentication shall be based on verification against winner’s Birth Certificate along with registered guardian’s CNIC verification.
  • HBL shall refer the winners to a travel agency to assist with visa and air tickets, subject to applicable laws, regulations and approvals. However; it shall remain the winners’ sole responsibility to acquire any necessary visa(s) to avail the prize. Air tickets in favor of the winner and one companion of the winner’s choice (“Additional Friends/Family”) shall only be issued after the corresponding visa(s) are obtained.
  • Both tickets and visa fees shall be incurred by HBL once visas are acquired by the winner and their Additional Friends/Family.
  • If winners are not able to provide valid travel documents within three(03) working days of being contacted, then their travel prize shall be null and void.
  • Entries subject to eligibility shall be made according to the product usage as per required criteria mentioned under “Products & Eligibility” under Accounts, Cards and Mobile section.
  • The Draw Cycle to select winners is as follows:

​Draw Date

​Draw Cycle

7th Jan, 2019
21st Dec, 2018 – 4th Jan, 2019
21st Jan 2019
5th Jan, 2019 – 19th Jan, 2019
30th Jan 2019
20th Jan, 2019- 29th Jan, 2019

In each Draw Cycle mentioned above, only the eligible customers of HBL that comply with the product usage criteria within that Draw Cycle shall be entered for the corresponding Draw Date. On each Draw Date, [i.e 7th Jan, 21st Jan, 30th Jan] winners will be selected to win the prizes.

  • Employees of HBL or any associated company of HBL (including without limitation HBL Asset Management and HBL Currency Exchange) and their immediate families, any persons connected with the competition/prize draw and their immediate families i.e. prize sponsors, newsagents, wholesalers and their agents shall not be eligible to enter the Competition.
  • By participating in the HBLPSL Consumer Promotion scheme (“Scheme”) the eligible customer unconditionally accepts and agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions for the Scheme (“Terms and Conditions”). By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the eligible customer also agrees to HBL’s right as the final decision making authority in all cases, with its decision being final and binding for all.
  • HBL, at its sole discretion may at any time discontinue this Scheme and may at any time revise these Terms and Conditions for any reason whatsoever by updating HBL’s website. The eligible customers are bound by any such revisions and should therefore periodically visit HBL’s website to review the current Terms and Conditions.