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Paycol is targeted towards Institutions such as utility companies, telecommunication companies, travel agencies, insurance firms, clubs, and educational institutions. These companies have a very wide customer base and Paycol can help provide an online solution for their invoice generation and billing.

HBL PayCol is an electronic invoicing tool whereby customers of HBL clients can view their invoices online and proceed to make payments online through credit card and/or debit card whether HBL or non-HBL. Paycol eliminates the need for paper invoicing and billing, thus, speeding up the collections and invoicing process for institutions.


  • Customization: This platform provides clients with the opportunity to customize their client portal for their company. The system provided to the client as well as invoices can be customized to include company logo.
  • Bulk Invoicing: This portal provides the ability for clients to upload and send out bulk invoices therefore as a result saving time and resources.​
  • Customer Portal: Customers can view outstanding payments, recent transactions as well as their payment history.
  • Tracking Payments: Reports and analytics make it possible for the client to track outstanding payments for each customer and see when the customers have viewed their invoice.
  • Late Payment Fee: Late payment fees can be setup for customers who make late payments and the invoices will be automatically updated.​
  • Tracking Offline Payments: Payments received "offline" - the old fashioned way (cheque or via bank deposit) can be accounted for and such invoices can be marked in the system.
  • Support: PayCol representative will be there to assist clients with any query related to PayCol. Furthermore, SMS and email notifications are available to clients for their customers.

How to Apply?

Please get in touch with your HBL Relationship Manager or visit HBL Branch.