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HBL Nisa Tawfir – Islamic Savings Account

Key Features

      Account Type: Islamic Savings Account 
      No minimum balance requirement Free 1st Cheque Book of 10 leaves ​free issuance of Debit Card
      Free issuance of Bank Certificate 
      Free duplicate account statement 
      Free Takaful coverage for first year only. 
      50% discount on Locker Issuance Fee
​      ​50% discount on HBL Islamic Personal Finance processing fee

Guiding Principle

HBL Nisa Tawfir Account is based on the concept of Mudaraba. Under this arrangement, customer (Rab-ul-Maal) provides funds to HBL (Mudarib) for investment under Shariah guidelines. The actual profit at the end of period is shared between the customer and HBL as per the pre-agreed profit sharing ratio. Loss, if any, is borne by the customer and HBL will not be entitled for Mudarib share of profit.


​      The account holder must be a Pakistani resident 
​      Initial deposit to be PKR 5,000. 
​      Account can be opened by either an Individual or a Business Owner (Sole Proprietorship only)

How to Apply**

Individual to provide: 
​      Original CNIC along with a verified copy
​      Proof of income
​      Duly signed Cheque Book Requisition form for a 10-leaf Cheque Book 
​      Copy of a recent utility bill

Sole Proprietor to provide: 
​     Original CNIC along with a certified copy ​
​     Request letter 
​     Copy of the NTN Certificate ​​

​     ​Duly signed Cheque Book Requisition form for a 10-leaf Cheque Bo​ok

*Classic Debit card will be free at the time of issuance (1st year only). Gold Debit Card to be offered to accountholders with balances of PKR 25,000 and over at the time of account opening. 

**These document are the minimum requirement at the the time of Account Opening .Customer may be required to submit additional documents 

Note :-

Terms and conditions apply. Withholding Tax and Zakat is applicable as per applicable law. All facilities are subject to Islamic Schedule of Bank Charges (I-SOBC).​​

Terms and Conditions apply*