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about 3 days ago



NO. A/INST/2019/                                                                                                                                    June 13, 2019




To:         All Branches in Pakistan

                All Overseas Branches


From:    Branch Banking and Business Transformation


In reference to SBP's communication through BPRD Circular Letter No. 16 dated June 3, 2019 on Compliance of AML/CFT Regime by Banks/DFIs – Biometric Verification of Existing Customers which provides clarity on the process of biometric verification for Non – Resident Pakistanis/ Resident Temporarily outside Pakistan and continuation to HOK Circular No. P/INST/2019/86 on Biometric Verification of Existing Customers. The instructions below shall supersede the communication issued by Business Transformation dated 12th June 2019 on Biometric Verification for Non-Resident Pakistanis/Resident Pakistani Temporarily Outside Pakistan/ Joint Accounts.

The customers falling under the category of Non – Resident Pakistani (As defined in Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 – Chapter 5, Division II, Section 82) will provide the following documents:

  • Customer's NRP status along with proof (i.e. copy of valid passport, visa, exit stamp, resident permit, etc.)
  • Copy of valid ID document (CNIC/ NICOP)
  • Undertaking by the customer containing all account numbers / change in residency status (Undertaking Form attached as Annexure A)

For customers who do not qualify under the definition of Non – Resident Pakistani, but are currently/ temporarily outside Pakistan for any reason, the customer will be required to provide:

  • Reasonable evidence/ proof regarding his/ her absence from the country (i.e. copy of valid passport, visa, exit stamp, resident permit, etc.) and the expected date of return on the undertaking form with necessary details. (Undertaking Form attached as Annexure B)

1. The customer shall provide these required documents to Centralized Operations Processing Center (COPC) through courier on the postal address [Biometric Verification Unit, Centralized Account Opening 4th Floor, Habib Square Building Number 3 Habib Bank Limited M.A. Jinnah Road Karachi Pakistan] or send a scanned copy of these documents on email address If branch has received these documents directly from the customer, branches can also forward these documents to COPC via courier or email. where a customer visits HBL international branches, branch staff shall guide the customer, obtain the required documents, verify with originals and email to COPC.

2. COPC will review and scrutinize the documents received from customer/branch along with verification of customer's signature through SigCap.

  • In case, customer's signature differs from the signature being maintained in Bank's record. COPC shall raise such cases to Complaint Resolution Team.
  •  Complaint Resolution Team will ensure to contact customer on their information provided on Undertaking Form to facilitate COPC with the correction of Signature, information and documentation.

3. Once, COPC has reviewed and is satisfied with the customer's request along with documentation, the maker at COPC will perform Z98 option in MISYS for the NADRA Verisys using the information provided by customer as an alternative to biometric verification by selecting respective reason code (LOV) of NRP and Residents temporarily outside Pakistan for NADRA Verisys. The same request will be authorized by checker at COPC through Z99 option in MISYS.

  • Customers' Accounts will be considered biometrically verified after NADRA Verisys in all such cases mentioned above.
  • After performing NADRA Verisys, COPC will stamp customer documents along with the undertaking before centralized archival.
  • For Resident Pakistanis temporarily outside Pakistan, the bank shall retain the NADRA Verisys in place of biometric verification until the customer returns and the Verisys should only be valid for a maximum period of six (06) months. Biometric verification of such customers shall be done immediately upon the customer's return to the country.

4. For joint account holders, treatment of biometric verification should be done according to the status of respective individual. Biometric verification should be conducted for the joint account holder who is resident Pakistani, while for other joint account holders, the relevant procedure described above should be adopted.


5. COPC shall maintain an MIS for all such requests where the change is required in the customer's country of residence/nationality. The same MIS shall be shared on weekly basis with Head of CRS/FATCA and Regional Business Head copying  Business Compliance Unit ( for the purposes of Remediation and Compliance to regulatory requirements.


In case of any ambiguity/ clarification required, branches may seek assistance from Branch Support Unit (BSU) and COPC at following email address/ contact numbers.


NameEmail AddressContact
Branch Support

10-BSU (10278)


Abid Masroor

Team Leader Account Services, COPC

Abid.masroor@hbl.com021-37139990 Ext: 77215

HBL Increases Profit In Q1 2019 By 14% To Rs 8.4 Billion While Serving Customers Better.

about 2 months ago

​HBL today declared a consolidated profit after tax of Rs. 3.2 billion, with earnings per share for Q1'19 at Rs 2.08. Along with the results, the Board declared a dividend of Rs 1.25/- per share (12.5%). Profit before tax for the three months of 2019 was Rs 8.4 billion, an increase of 14% over the same period last year. The retrospective imposition of Super Tax on 2017 earnings, lowered the Bank's profit after tax by Rs 1.9 billion. Without this additional tax, HBL's PAT would have been Rs 5.1 billion, 9% higher than for Q1 2018.

HBL's core domestic business continues to strengthen, with all key business drivers on a positive trajectory. Total domestic deposits increased by 2% to Rs 1.9 trillion and our leading market share increased further, to 14.3%. The Bank added Rs 38 billion in domestic deposits with healthy growth across all deposit categories and had strong CA and CASA ratios of 37.4% and 85.1% respectively, as at March'2019. Even more impressively, HBL's average current accounts grew by Rs 66 billion, a growth of 11% compared to the first quarter of 2018. HBL's total advances increased by 1.0% over last year to Rs 1.1 trillion while its ADR was 54%.

Strong growth in average domestic deposits (growth of Rs 120 billion over Q1'18) along with continued strong performance of domestic average advances (growth of nearly Rs 200 billion over Q1'18) and improvement of Net Interest Margin has contributed to domestic interest income increasing by 17% over Q1'18. With the rebuilding of our international business, the Bank's net interest income increased by 19% over the same period last year. Domestic fees grew by 17% YoY, while the total non-fund income of the bank registered a growth of 22% over the same period last year.

Q1 2019 accelerated the business momentum of 2018. This business momentum was underpinned by the launch of technology backed financial products, upgrading compliance & control frameworks, effective governance structures and our resolve to do what is "right" and in doing so, aligning ourselves with international best practice in most spheres of our work.

As the largest bank in Pakistan, HBL continued to cement its position as the leading Digital Bank in Pakistan, in the way it conducts business and serves its consumer and corporate customers. HBL plans to shape the future through a shift towards a Technology company with a banking license. The launch of 'HBL INFINITY' is yet another Digital initiative where we have expanded our digital product suite to create ease for our Corporate customers. HBL INFITNITY is Pakistan's first innovative online platform that provides a trading experience through real-time FX pricing and execution. It provides HBL customers a more efficient and frictionless digital solution for their trading needs, while adhering to the SBP guidelines on Foreign Exchange.

Moreover, HBL is also the first bank in Pakistan to have CHIP & PIN functionality enabled across all our new credit and debit cards and acquiring network. The Chip (EMV) cards are more secure as they are more difficult to clone / copy, therefore reducing counterfeit fraud, while providing convenience to customers in the use of HBL cards.

Customer Data protection is something that HBL is keenly aware of as it marches towards a digital future. The completion of SWIFT CSP (Customer Security Program) to enhance the SWIFT security footprint, is an important initiative to secure electronic transactions undertaken by HBL for our clients.

HBL regards customers as their single most important stakeholders and an ever improving customer service is the true barometer of our business health. The Bank has adopted self-assessment tools that are positively impacting our ability to deliver Fair Treatment to Consumers (FTC).

HBL's Business Transformation work streams entered into their final stages in Q1 2019. The Bank's business processes are now more streamlined than ever and scalable to meet enhanced customer service demands. The Bank is now closer to its new business norm of conducting 1st class business in a 1st class way. Moreover, HBL was recognized as Pakistan's first ISO certified bank, a global endorsement of HBL's ability to handle various natures of disasters / interruptions in a well-structured manner through a strong Business continuity program (BCP) being in place.

As the largest executor of CPEC related financing, our financial commitment to this transformative economic initiative is without par. Underscoring HBL's expertise, Pakistan's first Panda Bond mandate was awarded to a consortium led by HBL and comprising China International Capital Corporation Limited (CICC), China Development Bank and Citigroup Global Markets Asia Limited.


HBL continues to support projects that not only add to the economic and commercial strength of the nation but also have a direct contribution to poverty alleviation in the country. HBL played the lead financial role both in the Thar mining & power and the Matiari-Lahore transmission line projects which is an indication of HBL's resolve in the socio-economic uplift of Pakistan.


During Q1 2019, HBL continued to be recognized for its superior brand, products and services, as well as for its ability to execute landmark deals. HBL won 2019 Asiamoney Awards for Best Domestic Bank, Best Corporate & Investment Bank and Best Bank for CSR. HBL also won 2019 Global Banking & Finance Awards for the Best Investment Bank Pakistan and Best Sukuk Deal Pakistan. The Asian Banker declared HBL as Best Retail Bank in Pakistan.


HBL's title sponsorship of the 4th HBLPSL highlights the Bank's efforts towards the development of youth and the discovery of talent for Pakistan. This year, we also engaged the overseas Pakistanis in UAE and gave over 1,000 workers an opportunity to witness the exciting games of cricket, free of charge.


The business momentum and accomplishments of Q1 2019 are strong evidence that we remain focused for balance of 2019, and beyond, in our commitment towards our customers, shareholders and communities at large to take the HBL franchise to the next level.

Mr. Sultan Ali Allana, Chairman HBL attends the meeting of Shanghai Cooperation Organization Interbank Association (SCO-IBA)

News & Events about 4 months ago

Mr. Sultan Ali Allana, Chairman HBL speaking at the meeting of Shanghai Cooperation Organization Interbank Association (SCO-IBA), in Sanya, China, on 21 February 2019.  HBL is a member of the SCO-IBA. It is a great honour and achievement for HBL to represent Pakistan on the SCO banking forum, and to be the first and only commercial bank on this forum.

HBL’s Consolidated Profit Increases By 41% To Rs 12.4 Billion

about 4 months ago

HBL today declared a consolidated profit after tax of Rs 12.4 billion for the year ended December 31, 2018, a growth of 41% over 2017 with earnings per share at Rs 8.22 compared to Rs 5.79 in 2017. Profit before tax for the year was Rs 21.6 billion. HBL also became the first bank in Pakistan to cross Rs 1.0 trillion in total net advances. Along with the results, the Board declared a dividend of Rs 1.25 per share (12.50%), bringing the total dividend for the year 2018 to Rs 4.25 per share.

HBL's core domestic business shows a positive trend in key areas with continued accelerated loan growth of over 30%, adding Rs 200 billion in 2018 alone. The Bank's Consumer loans crossed the Rs 50 billion milestone while SME lending grew by 11% to reach Rs 72 billion. Total deposits in Pakistan reached Rs 1.9 trillion, as HBL maintained its leadership position with a nearly 14% share of the market. The Bank added Rs 81 billion in current deposits, which now constitute 37.6% of the mix, with average current deposits growing at an even more impressive rate of 15%. The excellent growth in key drivers and a consequent Rs 183 billion growth in the average balance sheet resulted in a 2% growth in domestic net interest income. Another strong recovery performance led to a Rs 1.4 billion reversal of credit provisions in the domestic book.

As the largest bank in Pakistan, HBL continues to create new avenues for inclusion of the unbanked population, leveraging its technology and leadership position, via state-of-the-art financial products & services. The launch of HBL's customer centric Konnect app is a massive first step towards a branchless banking future.  Already serving over 1,400,000 new customers, the platform could account for almost one third of accounts base of the Bank in 2019. It is encouraging to note that 25% of these new account holders are women. Our 13 million customers and clients continue to be served with over 1,700 branches and +2,000 ATMs.

Our strategy of designing our products and services with the Mobile First strategy continues to progress steadily. HBL Mobile, our powerful app with enhanced features for the customers has the highest number of users in the industry. HBL has created history by becoming the first bank to Digitally Disburse personal loans. A frictionless digital process allows the customers to receive the loan in a matter of hours. Total disbursements through this first-of-its-kind digital offering have now crossed Rs 1 billion.

HBL will thrive through a pivot towards a Technology company with a banking license. To that end, HBL recognizes that data will be the oil for the digital economy of the future. Already, we have undertaken initiatives around organizing data for better security, quality and usability.

HBL's investments in its Business Transformation Program throughout 2018 are now beginning to deliver results with improved customer service and more streamlined business processes. Conducting 1st class business in a 1st class way is now the norm for us.

For HBL, adhering to the home country regulatory and international compliance standard protocols is not a one-off project but the way we do business; our work ethos is centered around a culture of robust compliance and control processes, with our first line of defense taking the lead.  In 2018, the Bank added nearly 2.5 million customers, using its fully digitized account opening process. All new accounts undergo a rigorous KYC protocol and are fully screened, modeled on international best practices.

Our international footprint is important for us and this has been a year of refocusing our efforts to use our network more effectively in serving our core client base across geographies. We are the largest executor of CPEC related financing in Pakistan.

During the year HBL has been consistently recognized for its superior brand, products and services, as well as for its ability to execute landmark deals. For the 3rd year in a row, HBL was awarded the 'Best Bank for Agriculture' at the Pakistan Banking Awards. The Bank's prowess in investment banking has received numerous accolades, with a number of domestic and international awards for 'Best Investment Bank'. FinanceAsia magazine named us as the Best Belt & Road Bank in the region.  VISA adjudged us as the #1 Credit Card in Pakistan based on payment volumes and spend. The strength of the HBL brand was recognized by World Branding Awards, held in London, where the Bank received the 'Brand of the Year – Banking' award for Pakistan. HBL takes great pride in its efforts for gender diversity with women constituting over 16% of our workforce. Our efforts in this area were recognized by the IFC and the Pakistan Business Council who awarded us the Employer of Choice for Gender Diversity.

Despite the exceptionally strong loan growth, the consolidated Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) as at December 31, 2018 increased by 22 bps over December 2017 to 16.2%, while the Bank's Tier 1 CAR remained flat at 12.0%. HBL's rating was reaffirmed at the highest possible AAA in June 2018. The Outlook on the rating was recently upgraded to Stable by JCR-VIS Credit Rating Co. Ltd. The rating on HBL's subordinated debt was also restored from AA+ to AAA.

HBL's title sponsorship of the HBLPSL reflects our passion for the development of youth and the discovery of talent for Pakistan. We are delighted to see fans in Pakistan enjoying cricket.

Muhammad Aurangzeb elected as Chairman of Pakistan Banks ‘Association (PBA)

about 6 months ago

Mr. Muhammad Aurangzeb has been elected as Chairman of Pakistan Banks's Association (PBA). The PBA statement to the media notes:
​ ​

On completion of the term of Mr. Aftab Manzoor, as Chairman, Pakistan Banks’ Association (PBA), Mr. Muhammad Aurangzeb, President & CEO, Habib Bank Limited, has been unanimously elected as Chairman PBA. The PBA elections were held in Karachi on January 14, 2019.

Muhammad Aurangzeb joined HBL on April 30, 2018 as the President & CEO. He has an overall international banking experience of over 30 years, working at senior management positions with leading global banks
The Pakistan Banks’ Association (PBA) represents the Financial Institutions regulated by the State Bank of Pakistan and its main objective is to coordinate the efforts of the banking industry and to share a common vision of progress and development with its members.​

HBL and Muller & Phipps sign MOU to promote financial inclusion

News & Events about 7 months ago

​Financial Inclusion is at the core of HBL's business focus and HBL continuously strives to develop inclusive products for SMEs. To facilitate financial inclusion and capacity building, HBL has partnered with Muller & Phipps to offer first of its kind working capital financing solution. Through this initiative, pharmaceutical whole sellers and chemists associated with M&P will be able to avail convenient working capital financing without providing mortgage or fixed assets as security. This MOU was signed by Mr. Aamir Irshad – Head of Branch Banking HBL and Mr. Kamran Nishat – CEO Muller & Phipps in presence of Mr. Asif Riaz – Head Retail Lending HBL and Mr. Saulat Ali Khan – Head of Corporate Banking South HBL.


About HBL

HBL was the first commercial bank to be established in Pakistan in 1947. Over the years, HBL has grown its branch network and maintained its position as the largest private sector bank with over 1,700 branches and 2,000 ATMs globally and a customer base exceeding ten million relationships. The key areas of operations encompass product offerings and services in Retail and Consumer Banking. HBL also has the largest Corporate Banking portfolio in the country with an active Investment Banking arm.

Global Markets Outlook 2018 by HBL

News & Events about 7 months ago

​Left to right- Dr. Mushtaq Khan, Khurram Husain, Khalid Faizi , Muhammad Aurangzeb (President & CEO of HBL), Syed Salim Raza, Javed Saifullah Khan, Risha Mohyeddin (Global Treasurer of HBL) in Islamabad. ​

HBL aims to provide an exceptional level of service to all its clients, and to provide thought leadership in the area of financial and economic sector growth and development. With these objectives in mind, HBL hosted a series of high profile seminars in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad in November 2018 entitled Global Markets Outlook 2018. These events were attended by leaders and executives in industry as well as the not-for-profit sector and public sector officials. 

The world economy, and Pakistan in particular, is facing tremendous headwinds in terms of financial market volatility and macro-economic imbalances; and the seminars were organized to provide HBL’s customers with unparalleled in-depth insight on the prevailing scenario and on the outlook for the future.  

These events commenced with an address by Mr. Muhammad Aurangzeb – President & CEO, HBL, followed by a dissection of Pakistan’s macro-economic trends by Dr. Mushtaq Khan, a renowned economist. Mr. Risha A. Mohyeddin - Global Treasurer, HBL, presented an international perspective on the subject, in particular focusing on international financial crises. Mr. Khurram Hussain, moderator for the evening, then invited a panel of distinguished guests to share their views and experience – ranging from public sector policy-making to running successful industrial enterprises - with the audience. The events concluded with Q & A sessions in which the audience directed questions to the panel relating to policy-making, future trends and economic growth. 
HBL received extremely positive feedback from the participants for the opportunity to gain valuable insights on the economic trends of the domestic and international markets.

HBL, the largest bank in Pakistan, acts as a trusted partner to its individual and corporate clients. The bank provides a full suite of best-in-class financial products, including payment and liquidity solutions, credit and trade facilities, investment products, risk management solutions, and advisory services. ​​

HBL signs agreement with the largest Investment Bank in China

News & Events about 8 months ago

​HBL, the largest bank in Pakistan has entered into an agreement with China International Capital Corporation Limited (CICC), the largest investment bank in China, to provide investment banking services to companies in Pakistan and China. This partnership will provide world-class investment banking services covering mergers & acquisitions, advisory services, capital and bond issuance, loan syndications etc. As the economic cooperation between Pakistan and China increases, HBL and CICC will play a leading role in the next phase of CPEC, in creating partnership between corporates, in turn attracting foreign direct investment to Pakistan. CICC and HBL have access to heads of leading companies, governments, regulators and other stakeholders which will ensure swift and seamless transaction execution. ​ ​​

The agreement was signed by Mr. Muhammad Aurangzeb – President & CEO HBL and Mr. Huang Zhaohui – Member of the Management Committee CICC, in the presence of Mr. Sultan Ali Allana – Chairman HBL, Mr. Bi Mingjian – Acting Chairman CICC, Mr. Farhan Talib – Head Corporate & Investment Banking HBL, Ms. Feng Danyun – Head of Business Support, Coordination & Public Relations Department - CICC along with other members of both organizations. ​ 

About CICC:​​
CICC is China’s first joint-venture investment bank and a leader in the Chinese M&A market with over 400+ transactions worth over USD 563 Billion. CICC is headquartered in Beijing with subsidiaries throughout mainland China, and presence in Hong Kong, New York, Singapore, London, San Francisco and, most recently, Frankfurt.​​

About HBL:
HBL is the largest bank in Pakistan with demonstrated leadership in Investment Banking. HBL has lead managed China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) transactions exceeding US$ 6 bn. Recently HBL was awarded Best Regional Bank of the year in South Asia  for Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and Best Bank for Infrastructure /Project Finance by Asia Money. It is the only Pakistani bank to have a banking presence in China and the only South Asian bank to have a presence in Northwestern China. Recently the Bank was awarded a RMB license by regulators in China which will allow HBL to undertake end to end RMB intermediation. 

HBL reassures it’s customers that there are no cyber attacks on its systems and that its customers’ data remain confidential and safe

about 8 months ago

With the increase in usage of e-commerce and plastic money (cards), globally as well as in Pakistan, there has also been an increase in the number of incidents or attempts to compromise customers’ financial data. Financial institutions across the globe continue to grapple with these challenges of providing a safe and seamless experience for their customers, and HBL is no exception to this. 

In light of recent news with regard to cyber attacks, this is to reassure that HBL and its customers are not affected. All our systems are operating business as usual and there has been no incident to date related to compromise on customer information. Please continue freely and confidently using HBL services and products.

As the leading Bank in Pakistan, HBL works closely with regulators and global payment service providers to safeguard customer information. We have been working diligently to live up to our customers’ confidence and to uphold the trust they repose in us. We have been proactively investing in our systems to ensure safety and security for our customers. We have also undertaken a number of initiatives to regularly inform and educate our customers against fraudulent activity through various media such as SMS, emails, social media, leaflets/brochures and informative messages via our digital assets. 
At HBL, our customer’s financial security is our primary concern and the management of HBL reassures all its customers that it is our endevour to continue doing our utmost best to ensure that our systems are geared up to face such challenges and to safeguarded our customers information and data.

Pakistan needs IMF bailout, panda bond issue, Habib Bank CEO says

about 8 months ago

Shu Zhang and Tony Munroe 

BEIJING, Nov 6 (Reuters) - Pakistan needs to seek a bailout from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and make “hard decisions” to avoid going back again, said Muhammad Aurangzeb, chief executive officer of Habib Bank Ltd, the country’s biggest lender.
The bank is also urging Pakistan to tap China’s nascent “panda bond” market, which enables oversees issuers to raise yuan-denominated bonds there, as soon as possible after IMF funding is secured.
“They are clearly very interested, because the overall stance the current government has is to move and diversify away from USD into RMB,” Aurangzeb told Reuters in an interview in Beijing on Tuesday.
The potential size of panda bond issuance would be equivalent to $1.5 billion to $2 billion, he said. China Development Bank and China International Capital Corp would be HBL’s domestic partners on such a project.
Habib Bank received an RMB license from Beijing two weeks ago and is seeking approval to upgrade its representative office in the Chinese capital to a branch as soon as next year, he added.
An IMF rescue package would be Pakistan’s 13th from the multilateral lender since the late 1980s.
“The advantage of a program which IMF brings to the table is that it pushes the government to bring in their fiscal discipline and move with the reform agenda,” Aurangzeb said.
Last month, Pakistan received a $6-billion rescue package from Saudi Arabia, but officials say it still plans to seek a bailout from the IMF to avert a balance of payments crisis.
Pakistan’s foreign reserves have plunged 42 percent since the start of the year to about $8 billion, or less than two months of import cover.
“Both on the fiscal side and on the current account side, some very tough political choices need to be made,” said Aurangzeb.
These include moves to increase the tax base, boost exports - particularly to neighboring China, let the currency find its fair market value, actively work to narrow deficits, and get the structural reforms agenda going, he said.
“If they can do that, they can get on a more sustainable path without relying on the IMF,” Aurangzeb said. “But if they don’t follow through, the likelihood is that there will be another (IMF) program.”
The focus of new Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s talks with Beijing is less about debt or loans, and more about increasing investment, industrial activity, exports to China, and the creation of local jobs, Aurangzeb said.
Khan began a visit to China late last week.
Though China is Pakistan’s closest ally, Khan has sought to rethink a signature project, the $60-billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, a flagship of Beijing’s vast Belt and Road Initiative. (Reporting by Shu Zhang and Tony Munroe; Editing by Clarence Fernandez)​

HBL reinventing itself under new president

about 8 months ago

LAHORE: Habib Bank Limited (HBL) President and CEO Muhammad Aurangzeb on Monday spoke in detail about the bank’s ongoing business transformation programme, which includes an enhanced focus on getting the “right business” whilst upholding compliance standards that are in accordance with the international environment.
The HBL CEO stressed the need to increase transaction monitoring on a holistic level and to ensure that Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations are being complied with.
“The bank is working closely with regulators and corresponding banks worldwide,” he said, adding that the bank was committed to increasing its focus on technology and innovation besides continuing its efforts towards financial inclusion through its branchless banking platform – HBL Konnect.
Other initiatives under the transformation programme included loan processing through an app, centralized account opening, digitizing all client/customer information, and using tools of data analytics to enhance customer experience, he mentioned.
The HBL CEO believes getting the right business ensures control on operational expenditure as well as provisioning expenses.
On a query, he said HBL has continued its efforts towards establishing itself in China. “The bank’s representative office in China will be converted into a branch office in 2019 as the bank has received an RMB license,” he added.
Earlier, in an interview on the sidelines of IMF-World Bank talks in Bali, Aurangzeb viewed macro position as one of three elements influencing the outlook for banks in Pakistan, the others being technology and the regulatory environment, but the macro is certainly the one in the headlines.
In another interview this month, the HBL CEO had stated, “From my perspective, we have to start thinking that we’re an IT company with a banking license. With 1,700 bank branches and 2,000 ATM’s all over the country, HBL acquires 1 million new customers a month. With the rollout of biometric devices nationwide that number is set to double or triple.”

Results for 9M2018
HBL on Monday reported earnings of Rs1.15 per share in the first nine months of 2018, down by 82 per cent YoY (3Q2017 earnings adjusted for New York State Department of Financial Services’ $225 million penalties on HBL). The decline is primarily due to high provision for diminution in value of investments, high expense growth as well as flattish net interest income growth.
As per the management, impairment on investments (Rs1.8 billion) has been booked due to poor stock market performance but “potential for a reversal exists given market continues its recent bull run”.
On admin expenses, the management restated its previous stance that non-interest expense will normalize post the first half of 2019. The bank also informed that excluding expenses related to NY operations, pension charge and business transformation, normalized expense growth is in single digits.
During 9M2018, expenses included Rs4.7 billion pertaining to NY operations, Rs2.5 billion related to business transformation and Rs1.9 billion pension charge. Moreover, Rs0.8 billion of expense is due to the impact of rupee devaluation on overseas expenses of which Rs400 million is attributable to 3Q2018.
Fee income has declined primarily due to lower share in home remittances segment. Management believes that non-interest income will show a much better performance in the fourth quarter of 2018.
On dividends, the management said its focus will remain on maintaining strong capital adequacy, however, as earnings improve going forward, there is potential for better payout.
Gross non-performing loans (NPLs) have increased by Rs2.3 billion over Dec 2017 due to a Rs3.3 billion impact of currency devaluation on overseas NPLs while domestic NPLs have reduced by Rs1.9 billion in the same period. However, asset quality has improved to 7.6 per cent (8.2pc Dec 2018). Domestic advances growth was recorded at 16.7 per cent while overseas advances decreased by 21.5 per cent.
Domestic current account deposits have increased by 9.6 per cent over Dec 2017, while the mix has improved to 37.3 per cent up by 1.7ppts since Dec 2017.
The bank does not foresee a decline in its consumer lending portfolio in the rising interest rate scenario. HBL management expects the policy rate to arrive at 9.5 per cent by the end of 2018 and 10.5 per cent by the end of next year.
The impact of rupee devaluation on the cost of overseas borrowing during 9MCY18 amounted to Rs3.9 billion. The FX borrowing in lieu of NY settlement payment is not hedged hence further devaluation will continue to have an adverse impact.
Average advances have witnessed a 28 per cent YoY increase during 9MCY18, concentrated in high yielding corporate and Islamic book.


about 8 months ago

HBL today declared a consolidated profit after tax of Rs 9.9 billion for the first nine months of 2018, with earnings per share at Rs 6.57. Along with the results, the Board declared a dividend of Rs 1.00 per share (10%), bringing the total dividend for the nine months of 2018 to Rs 3.00 per share. Profit before tax for the nine months of 2018 was Rs 17.7 billion. The consolidated Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) as at September 30, 2018 was over 17%, an increase of 105 bps over December 2017, while the Bank’s Tier 1 CAR rose by 75 bps to 12.74%. 
HBL’s core domestic business remains robust. Total domestic deposits increased from December 2017 levels to Rs 1.8 trillion, maintaining our leading market share at over 14%. In the first nine months of 2018, the Bank added Rs 101 billion in domestic CASA deposits, led by a 10% growth in current accounts. The ratio of current accounts and CASA both continued to improve, rising further over June 2018 to 37.3% and 88.1% respectively. HBL’s consistent deposit growth momentum resulted in average current accounts showing an impressive increase of Rs 80 billion, a growth of 15% compared to the first nine months of 2017.  
HBL’s domestic loan book increased further over June 2018, reaching Rs 819 billion. Our well-constructed Consumer business reached a landmark of Rs 50 billion in consumer loans. These positive developments on the domestic Balance Sheet contributed to a 2% improvement in domestic net interest income. However, with a reduction in the Bank’s international businesses, total net interest income declined marginally by 1% to Rs 61.1 billion. The strong recovery performance continued, as the Bank recorded a reversal of Rs 144 million during the quarter. Total reversals against loans are now Rs 388 million for the nine months of 2018, compared to a provision of Rs 313 million in 9M 2017. 
HBL is committed to promoting the financial inclusion of the country’s unbanked population and to expanding the digital retail payments infrastructure. Our innovative Konnect product has shown excellent performance in just one quarter with nearly 900,000 accounts opened, 25% of whom are women.  Since launch, 7.8 million transactions valued at Rs 29 billion have taken place on the Konnect platform. Our digital channels of Internet Banking and HBL Mobile increased their acceptance, with users and usage both doubling over the prior year. HBL’s investments in its Business Transformation program are now beginning to bear fruit in the form of a more embedded compliance culture. The Bank continues to expand its reach to provide service and convenience to its growing branch customer base. During 2018, the Bank has added over 823,000 customers, who it reaches through over 1,700 branches, more than 2,100 ATMs and 18,600 POS machines across Pakistan.  
During the quarter HBL’s efforts in infrastructure development were recognized through two prestigious awards by Asiamoney; we were named as the Best Regional Bank for Belt & Road Initiatives and as the Best Bank for infrastructure finance in the region. HBL looks forward to playing a leading role in national development and contributing to the growth of priority sectors. 
October 25, 2018

HBL President comments on Pakistan’s dialogue with the IMF, CPEC and Digitalization

about 9 months ago


Bali, Indonesia: Mr. Muhammad Aurangzeb was invited as the only CEO representative of the Pakistani banking sector in order to share his views in his capacity as the President & CEO of HBL. It is pertinent to mention that Muhammad Aurangzeb is the only CEO from Pakistan as well as the only Pakistani who has accepted an invite to join the membership of the exclusive Global CEO Council organized and managed by the Dow Jones Group/Wall Street Journal.

In an interview with Bloomberg on the sidelines of the IMF/World Bank annual meetings, the HBL President & CEO, Mr. Muhammad Aurangzeb introspected that Pakistan's Government has some difficult decisions to make in order to narrow the fiscal deficit and come up with solutions that encourage an increase in exports and the tax base of the country. He pointed out: “With dwindling reserves a breathing space is required...that is where the IMF comes in." He further added: “The devaluation will ultimately help exports and Pakistan. In order for government policies to become sustainable in the long run, he stated that "...made-in-Pakistan and an export based model is the way forward."

Speaking on China's One Belt One Road initiative, he pointed out that CPEC stands out as its flagship in terms of investment being made in Pakistan's energy sector, roads and other infrastructure projects which have also benefited Pakistan and in the medium to long term these projects will boost Pakistan's exports and ultimately pay back and create a long term positive effect on the balance of payments. He further stated: "A lot of these projects should be invoiced in RMB and settled in RMB especially energy projects which should not be based on a Dollar index but a RMB index which is a wonderful opportunity for Pakistan to diversify." Furthermore, he added that "HBL is the only Pakistani bank which has a physical presence in China". 

With regard to the future and digitalization he emphasized, "HBL thinks of itself as an IT company with a banking license”.
The annual meeting of the Boards of Governors of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank Group (WBG) was held in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia from October 12th -14th, 2018. Both the IMF and the WBG undertake to bring together central bank governors, Ministers of Finance, senior parliamentarians, captains of industry, representatives from civil society organizations and academics to discuss issues that involve the world economic outlook, poverty eradication, economic development, and aid effectiveness, including many other events focused on the global economy, international development, and the world's financial system.​

HBL Granted Membership Bank Status under SCO IBA Framework

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June 6, 2018: Habib Bank Limited (HBL) is proud to be officially granted the status of membership bank, during the 14th council meeting of Shanghai Cooperation Organization Interbank Association (“SCO IBA”), held between 4th to 7th June, 2018 in Beijing, China.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) is a Eurasian political, economic, and security organisation, the creation of which was announced on 15 June 2001 in Shanghai by the leaders of China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. It is the largest regional establishment in the world in terms of geographical coverage and population, and is one of the world's most powerful organizations. Pakistan officially became a member state of SCO on the 17th Meeting of Heads of State Council of SCO in Astana on June 9, 2017.

HBL became a partner bank under SCO IBA on August 8, 2014, and has now been elevated as a member bank with the consent of other member banks present at current SCO IBA council meeting. It is a great honor and achievement for HBL to represent Pakistan on the SCO banking forum, and to be the first and only commercial bank in this forum. With its elevation in status as member bank, HBL is positioned to play an integral role in promotion of regional trade, investment and finance.​

Amongst many firsts, HBL was the first bank from Pakistan to receive a license for setting up a branch in China. It was also the first South Asian bank to receive permission to set up its banking operations in Urumqi, the largest city in the province of Xinjiang, which borders Pakistan along the traditional Silk Route. HBL’s Urumqi Branch is now fully functional and the bank is in the advanced stage of consultation with Chinese banking regulator to commence its 2nd branch in Beijing. Moreover, HBL also opened its branch in the Gwadar Free Zone in 2018, making it the first bank to have a branch in Gwadar Free Zone as well as China. HBL was also the first Pakistani bank to offer CNY accounts to its customers in Pakistan.

With progressiveness at its forefront, HBL has been a catalyst for CPEC since its inception. HBL Corporate and Investment Bank continues to drive this initiative forward with its entrenched relationships with Chinese financial institutions. HBL is proud of successfully collaborating with premier Chinese banks to undertake landmark transactions on such a massive scale, making the CPEC dream a reality.

Muhammad Aurangzeb appointed as President and CEO of HBL

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Habib Bank Limited (HBL), the largest bank in Pakistan, is pleased to announce that its Board has approved the appointment of Mr. Muhammad Aurangzeb as the President and CEO of HBL subject to approval of the Fit and Proper Test (FPT) by the State Bank of Pakistan. HBL has submitted the requisite application to the State Bank of Pakistan in this regard. 

Mr. Aurangzeb is a respected and seasoned banker with more than 30 years of diverse experience with leading global banks in Pakistan and overseas. He is currently the CEO Global Corporate Bank, Asia Pacific at JP Morgan. 

He started his career with Citibank, first in Pakistan and later in New York. He then joined ABN AMRO Bank in a senior leadership role, rising to the position of Country Manager in Pakistan. He has since held senior level regional and global positions in ABN AMRO Amsterdam, RBS Singapore and, since 2011, with JP Morgan. 

He is a graduate of the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania from where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Science and Economics as well as an MBA.​

HBL leads the way as the only bank with a branch in Gwadar and China

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HBL opened its branch in the Gwadar Free Zone on the 29th of January 2018, making it the only bank to have a branch in Gwadar as well as China. 

The branch was inaugurated by the Ambassador of China to Pakistan, Mr. Yao Jing, along with Mr. Zhang Baozhong, Chairman China Overseas Port Holding Company Ltd. and Mr. Rayomond Kotwal, Acting President and CEO, HBL. Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Kotwal stated, “Today HBL stands proud as it becomes the first bank with branches in Gwadar as well as China. We are honored to be playing a leading role in supporting the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, opening new avenues of business, trade and investment between the two countries.”

Last year, HBL had become the first Pakistani bank to open a branch in China. That branch was opened in Urumqi - a city with enormous potential. HBL was  also the first Pakistani bank to offer CNY accounts to its customers in Pakistan.

HBL offers a comprehensive product range covering corporate and individual customers, including financing, trade based facilities, guarantees, remittances, loans, debit and credit cards and much more. HBL’s target market is not just limited to customers in Pakistan and China but it aims to market CPEC opportunities across borders using its international reach and customer base.

As a bank that is an integral part of Pakistan’s fabric, HBL aspires to contribute to economic development in Pakistan, and looks forward to enriching the lives of its customers with its commitment to banking excellence. 

Downtime Notification - Website Update

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At HBL, we strive to provide the most reliable services to our customers. In order to further improve our services, a scheduled maintenance activity will be carried out on 18th November 2017 from 2am to 4am. During this time the following services will be unavailable:​

  • All HBL ATM Services
  • All HBL DebitCard & CreditCard transactions on Point of Sales (POS) Terminals
  • All HBL DebitCard & CreditCard transactions on other ATMs/POS networks
  • All HBL Mobile and HBL InternetBanking facilities and transactions
  • All HBL BranchlessBanking Services

Thank you for your understanding and continued patronage.

For more information, call HBL PhoneBanking at 111-111-425


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HBL today declared a consolidated profit after tax of Rs 9.1 billion for the first quarter of 2017, with earnings per share of Rs 6.16. Along with the results, the Bank declared a dividend of Rs 3.5 per share (35%).

HBL’s balance sheet has grown by 2% over December 2016 to reach Rs 2.6 trillion. Despite a decline in the market, the Bank’s deposits continued to grow, with market share rising to 14.2% and total deposits crossing Rs 1.9 trillion. Domestically, HBL grew its CASA deposits by Rs 30 billion during the quarter and the CASA ratio improved to 87.1%. Average domestic current accounts increased by 16% compared to Q1 2016, enabling the Bank to further reduce its cost of deposits. Lending activity has remained robust, with average domestic loans increasing by 24% over the first quarter of last year as all business segments delivered excellent performance. The Bank was thus able to overcome most of the spread compression caused by low interest rates, recording net interest income of Rs 20.1 billion.

With excellent performance from treasury related activities, non-markup income increased by 26% to Rs 8.3 billion. Fees and Commissions for the quarter grew by 9% to Rs 4.8 billion with continued strong performances by the Bancassurance, asset management and consumer finance businesses. HBL’s prudent risk management resulted in a reduction in non-performing loans with provisions also decreasing by 26% over the first quarter of 2016. The Bank’s infection ratio fell further, to 9.1%, while the coverage strengthened, to nearly 92%. HBL’s reach now includes more than 2,000 ATMs and over 14,800 POS machines, augmenting its network of 1,678 branches, to provide access and convenience to its customers across Pakistan.

The consolidated Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) as at March 2017 was 15.5%, with the Tier 1 CAR at 12.1%, both well above regulatory requirements. The Bank’s local credit ratings remain in the highest possible AAA/A-1+ categories for long term and short term respectively. During the quarter, HBL continued to receive several important awards including the Best Domestic Bank in Pakistan by Asiamoney, and the Best Retail Bank in Pakistan, by The Asian Banker.

HBL’s growth trajectory remains robust, with stable profitability and adequate reserves of liquidity and capital. As Pakistan’s national institution, HBL is conscious of its responsibility towards the development of the country and is well positioned to participate in infrastructure development activities under the CPEC, while providing increasing levels of service and innovative products to its valued customers within a strong governance framework.

April 20, 2017

HBL and BOC discuss future Cooperation

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(Left to Right) Mr. Nauman K. Dar, President & CEO HBL, Mr. Sultan Ali Allana, Chairman HBL along with Mr. Tian Guoli, Chairman Bank of China at HBL Plaza, Karachi. 



Chairman Habib Bank Limited Mr. Sultan Ali Allana hosted a lunch for the Chairman Bank of China Mr. Tian Guoli and his team at HBL Plaza Karachi.  Chairman BOC is visiting Pakistan to discuss and explore the possibilities of setting up a branch of BOC in Karachi.


During the meeting Chairman HBL briefed Mr. Tian on the banking potential in Pakistan and discussed ways on how the two banks can cooperate in various areas including technology, CPEC, business in Pakistan and China, collaboration in international markets and people training and development.


Chairman BOC agreed with Mr. Allana and discussed specific proposals on the areas of cooperation and the method of cooperation.  He was confident that the two banks will be able to benefit from their respective expertise and will cooperate closely in future.  


The meeting was also attended by Nauman Dar, President & CEO, HBL and senior management of both banks.


Bank of China is the fourth largest bank in the world with assets exceeding US$ 2.6 trillion and HBL is the largest bank in Pakistan with assets of US$ 22.7 Billion.

HBL declares profit of 34.2 billion

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HBL today declared a consolidated profit after tax of Rs 34.2 billion for the full year 2016, with earnings per share of Rs 23.23. Along with the results, the Bank declared a final dividend of Rs 3.50 per share (35%), bringing the total dividend for the year to Rs 14 per share.

HBL’s balance sheet has grown by 13% over December 2015 to reach Rs 2.5 trillion. Overall, the Bank added Rs 250 billion in deposits, while maintaining its CASA ratio. Current accounts increased by more than 16%, reaching nearly Rs 700 billion with the current account mix improving to 37% of total deposits. In 2016, HBL grew its average domestic current accounts by 19% over 2015, enabling the Bank to reduce its cost of deposits. With the improved economic climate, lending growth has accelerated with loans growing by over 17%, driven by increases in Corporate lending, but with strong support from the SME and Consumer segments. The Bank was thus able to grow net interest income by 5% to Rs 82.0 billion for 2016.

Fees and Commissions rose by 8% to Rs 18.7 billion with new records being set in Bancassurance, investment banking and consumer finance. Trade, remittances and general banking related fees continued to make significant contributions to fee income. HBL’s prudent lending and active recovery efforts have resulted in a decade low provision charge of less than Rs 1 billion, an 81% reduction over 2015. Simultaneously, the Bank was able to improve its asset quality as the infection ratio fell to single digits, its lowest level in the last 8 years. HBL’s reach now includes 2,000 ATMs and nearly 15,000 POS machines to provide access and convenience to its customers across Pakistan.

The consolidated Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) at the end of 2016 was 15.5%, with the Tier 1 CAR at 12.0%, both well above regulatory requirements. The Bank’s local credit ratings remain in the highest possible AAA/A-1+ categories for long term and short term respectively, while international rating agencies have also reaffirmed HBL’s rating. These are reflective of the Bank’s healthy capitalization ratios, sound liquidity profile and its systemic importance. During the year, HBL continued to receive accolades including Bank of the Year in Pakistan, by The Banker, UK, the Best Domestic Bank in Pakistan by Asiamoney and the Safest Bank in Pakistan, by Global Finance.

HBL has continued to deliver strong results and is well positioned to leverage the upcoming economic opportunities. Over the last 75 years, HBL has served Pakistan and its people with pride and passion as the country’s leading commercial bank. The Bank will strive to play its role in the nation’s development and to provide increasing levels of service and innovative products to its valued customers in the years ahead.

February 14, 2017


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HBL today declared a consolidated profit after tax of Rs 25.8 billion for the first nine months of 2016, with earnings per share of Rs 17.47. Along with the results, the Bank declared a third quarter dividend of Rs 3.50 per share (35%).

HBL’s balance sheet has grown by 7% over December 2015 to reach Rs 2.4 trillion. Domestic CASA deposits increased by 9% and the CASA mix improved to 89% as at September 30, 2016. The domestic deposit mix continued to improve, and current accounts now form 35.6% of deposits. Average current accounts for the first nine months of 2016 increased by 19% over the comparable period of 2015, enabling HBL to reduce its cost of domestic deposits. With average domestic loans also growing across all segments, the Bank was able to grow net interest income by 7% to Rs 62.2 billion for the first nine months of 2016.

Fees and Commissions continued their growth trajectory, rising by 18% to Rs 13.7 billion for 9M 2016. Bancassurance, trade, investment banking and general banking related fees continued to make significant contributions to the fee income. With enhanced recoveries, the Bank was able to reduce provisions by 58% compared to the first nine months of 2015 while growth in administrative expenses was restricted to 10% over the same period of 2015. The NPL coverage ratio improved over the previous quarter to reach 90% as at September 30, 2016.

HBL is committed to delivering new and innovative products and, earlier this year, became the first bank in Pakistan to enable biometric sign-on to its mobile app. The Bank strives to continuously raise its service levels to keep improving the customer experience. HBL’s reach now includes nearly 2,000 ATMs and over 14,000 POS machines to provide access and convenience to its broad array of customers.

The consolidated Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) as at September 30, 2016 was 16.4% with the Tier 1 CAR at 12.7%, well above regulatory requirements. The Bank’s credit ratings were re-affirmed earlier this year by JCR-VIS at AAA/A-1+ for long term and short term respectively. The ratings are supported by the healthy capitalization ratios and HBL’s sound liquidity profile and reflect the systemic importance of the Bank.

HBL has continued to deliver strong results. With growing liquidity and capital, the Bank is well positioned to leverage opportunities in the improving economic conditions and play its role in the development of Pakistan as its largest commercial bank.

October 20, 2016

HBL celebrates its 75th anniversary

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​​August 25, 2016: HBL, Pakistan's largest bank, launched its 75th anniversary celebrations, in a special ceremony held at the HBL Plaza in Karachi. The event was attended by Mr. Sultan Ali Allana (Chairman, HBL) along with the Bank’s senior management to celebrate HBL's past and embrace its bright future.

The history of HBL is tantamount to the history of the banking industry in Pakistan. HBL was the first commercial bank to be established for the Muslims of the Indo-Pak subcontinent in 1941, and today it is the largest bank in the country. HBL’s inception has been inextricably linked with the origin of Pakistan and consequently, it has always been an institution that has played a significant role in the nation’s economic progress.

With a rich heritage over 75 years, HBL is now looking towards an even brighter future with boundless opportunities. The Bank aims to continue serving the nation and all the regional markets where it operates with a focus on the needs of its customers and the resolve to inspire them to dream and do more.

Speaking at this occasion Mr. Sultan Ali Allana (Chairman, HBL) said, “HBL’s outstanding journey from 1941-2016 is an accomplishment, which the HBL fraternity is honored to be associated with. Spanning over seven extraordinary decades, HBL has set an exemplary precedent of providing effortless services to Pakistan in the banking and financial sector.”

He further added, “During these remarkable 75 years, the Bank saw the dreams of countless Pakistanis enabled, and the enrichment of millions of lives. This is the power and legacy of HBL. Today, HBL marches forward to meet another 75 years, determined to push the boundaries, test the limits, and Insha’Allah do more than any bank has done before.”

Also present at the ceremony, Mr. Naveed Asghar (Chief Marketing Officer, HBL) said, “It is a moment of great happiness, and a reflection of HBL’s regional and global standing. On HBL’s 75th anniversary, we come together to celebrate the Bank’s myriad accomplishments and a strengthened resolution to continue enriching the lives of millions more.”

HBL is the largest bank in Pakistan with over 1,700 branches, 1,900 ATMs, and a customer base exceeding 8. 5 million. It has presence in over 25 countries across four continents.


about 3 years ago

HBL today declared a consolidated profit after tax of Rs 16.0 billion for the first half of 2016, with earnings per share rising to Rs 10.86. Along with the results, the Bank declared a second quarter dividend of Rs 3.50 per share (35%).

HBL’s balance sheet has grown by 6% over December 2015 to reach Rs 2.4 trillion. Domestic deposits increased by 9% and the Bank’s market share rose to 14.3%. The deposit mix continued to improve, and current accounts now form 34.7% of total deposits. Average current accounts for the first half of 2016 increased by Rs 78 billion compared to H1 2015, enabling HBL to reduce its cost of domestic deposits to 2.8%. With average domestic loans also growing across all segments, the Bank was able to grow net interest income by 6% to Rs 41.4 billion.

Fees and Commissions continued their strong growth, rising by 15% to Rs 9.3 billion for H1 2016. Bancassurance, trade, investment banking and general banking related fees remained the main contributors. Growth in administrative expenses was contained to 10% over H1 2015 and the Bank was able to reduce provisions by 19% over the first half of 2015, despite additional conservative provisioning. The coverage ratio improved over the previous quarter to reach 89.2% as at June 30, 2016.

HBL is committed to delivering new and innovative products and continuously raising its service levels to keep improving the experience and convenience of its customers. HBL now has nearly 2,000 ATMs and over 14,300 POS machines. Earlier this year, HBL launched its Mobile app and has recently become the first bank in Pakistan and one of the very few banks in the world to enable biometric sign-on.

The consolidated Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) as at June 30, 2016 was 16.8% with the Tier 1 CAR at 12.8%. The capital ratios remain strong and well above required levels. The Bank’s credit ratings were re-affirmed by JCR-VIS at AAA/A-1+ for long term and short term respectively. The ratings are supported by the healthy capitalization ratios and HBL’s sound liquidity profile and reflect the systemic importance of the Bank.

HBL has continued to deliver strong results. With adequate reserves of both liquidity and capital, the Bank is well positioned to leverage growth opportunities and play its role in the development of Pakistan as its largest commercial bank.

August 18, 2016

Let the festivities begin

about 3 years ago

We at HBL know how important it is to stay at ease during the busiest and joyous time of Eid. That's why we are happy to announce that all HBL branches will remain open from 8am till 5pm on Monday, July 04, 2016 for your convenience.


HBL wishes you a very Happy Eid

HBL acquires majority share in the First MicroFinance Bank Limited

about 4 years ago

HBL has acquired a 51% majority shareholding in the First MicroFinance Bank Limited (FMFB), the first and oldest microfinance bank in Pakistan with a presence in over 150 locations covering 66 districts. FMFB's roots lie in the credit and savings programmes of the Aga Khan Rural Support Program (AKRSP) dating back to 1982. A signing ceremony to mark the event was held today in Islamabad in the presence of Princess Zahra Aga Khan and Prince Rahim Aga Khan.

FMFB offers targeted financial and multi-sectoral products and services based on the evolving needs of its clients, including a wide range of flexible loan products to serve the diverse financial needs of the unbanked and the under-banked in the rural, urban and semi-urban areas in Pakistan. The Bank also offers micro-insurance products with credit and saving services to all borrowers to provide protection against life, health and financial liabilities.

Speaking on the occasion, Sultan Ali Allana, Chairman HBL said, "The acquisition is in line with HBL's commitment to be a leader in financial inclusion with an emphasis on serving customers from all segments of society across all areas of Pakistan".

Nauman K Dar, HBL's President & CEO said "Today's investment will enable HBL to more directly influence the microfinance space, accelerate inclusion and rapidly scale up the customer base. HBL will provide guidance and enable FMFB to leverage technology based synergies such as branchless and mobile banking which are ideally suited to service this mass segment efficiently".​

May 25, 2016​

HBL NY Branch: Regulatory Orders (19-Dec-2015)

about 4 years ago

HBL operates a branch in New York, which is licensed by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYSDFS) and which is subject to oversight and supervision by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRBNY). The NY Branch of HBL had been operating under a "Written Agreement" with the NYSDFS and the FRBNY since 2006. During a recent examination, the US Regulators found deficiencies in the risk management and BSA/AML compliance program at HBL New York branch and, subsequently, escalated the enforcement actions from the "Written Agreement" to a "Consent Order" in the case of NYSDFS and a "Cease and Desist Order" in the case of FRBNY. These Orders impose certain additional requirements to remediate on the branch and provide mechanisms for enforcement if the remediation is not met.

HBL New York branch will continue to maintain its US license, and will continue to provide its branch services as usual. The Orders limit the branch's growth of its US dollar clearing business, but the branch is allowed to continue to conduct its current dollar clearing business. It cannot accept new foreign correspondent accounts or new customer accounts in New York for US dollar clearing without prior approval of the Regulator. It cannot increase its US Dollar clearing business both in terms of number of transactions or the aggregate amount without prior permission of the US Regulators.

HBL takes its regulatory responsibilities very seriously and has been taking actions in advance of even entering these Orders to enhance its compliance program, including engaging outside compliance consultants to review its current program. We believe that these measures will put us in a position to move quickly on the requirements in the Orders.

HBL is the largest bank in Pakistan with a history spanning 75 years. It has presence in 28 countries worldwide through branches, subsidiaries and affiliates, including in all major financial centers. It prides itself on having an ethos of strong corporate governance at all levels and is committed to meeting regulatory guidelines in all jurisdictions in which it operates.​​​

HBL enables women under the launch of ‘HBL Nisa’ platform (17-Nov-2015)

about 4 years ago

Karachi, November, 17th, 2015:  HBL today launched, yet another initiative- HBL Nisa- to facilitate women’s banking in Pakistan. Women make up nearly half of the Pakistani population, and play a vital role in the country’s economic and social development. With Nisa, HBL hopes to cater to their unique needs and aspirations, and become their preferred banking destination. The launch took place with an event held at HBL’s head office in Karachi, featuring talks by two prominent achievers, aviation adventurer Tracey Curtis, and expert mountaineer Samina Baig. Among other topics, the duo spoke about the heights they have reached, both literally and figuratively, how far women have come and the challenges they still face.​

Both women represent the pinnacles of their respective professions, and share a love for adventure. Together, they urged the women to pursue their dreams, despite any hurdles they may face.

Speaking at the event, Ms. Sima Kamil, HBL’s Head of Branch Banking said that “HBL Nisa is an exciting initiative for the women of Pakistan. HBL aims to be the Bank of Choice for women, a place where they are welcomed, heard and valued”

Mr. Naveed Asghar, HBL’s Chief Marketing Officer added “HBL is all about enabling dreams, irrespective of gender, and it is a proud moment for us to have introduced a platform under HBL Nisa which will cater to the needs and aspirations of Pakistani women.”

HBL and Virtual University sign Internet Payment Gateway Agreement (11-Nov-2015)

about 4 years ago

​Lahore, November 11th, 2015: HBL, Pakistan’s largest bank entered into an Internet Payment Gateway Agreement with Virtual University of Pakistan (VU), the first of its kind university in Pakistan.

A ceremony marking this event was held at HBL Regional Head Quarters, Lahore on Tuesday. The participants included Dr. Naveed A. Malik, Rector of VU , Mr. Naeem Tariq, Director of Finance, VU, Mr. Faiq Sadiq, Head of HBL’s Payment Services Group and Ms. Sobia Chughtai, HBL’s Corporate Head – Central, along with other members of both organizations.

The agreement allows HBL to offer an exclusive online payment platform for the VU community, especially students. Paying for lectures, examinations and tuition fees online is an enormous capability being introduced by VU for its patrons using HBL InternetPaymentGateway (IPG).

HBL InternetPaymentGateway is powered by VISA – Cybersource, which holds 60% of the payment
gateway market. The platform is fully equipped with modern fraud control tools and transaction
security features.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Malik expressed his gratitude towards HBL for offering online
financial solutions focused on improving the existing payment mechanism. He added that the
services aimed to facilitate students, in particular VU’s overseas strength, giving them the benefit of
paying their fees using plastic. He hoped that “the VU and HBL relationship to further grow under a
mutually beneficial partnership”.

Mr. Sadiq said that “Educational institutions are key to our Country’s future and Virtual University
is playing a vital role towards enhancing the educational sector. Our recent alliance with VU on IPG
is a stepping stone towards cementing our existing relationship.

We are delighted to partner with educational institutions and look forward in building a better,
stronger community with a common aim in improving lives of students / faculty by providing
efficient, reliable, cost effective and next generation financial services through alternate channels.”​​​​​​

HBL Profit Surges to Record Rs. 27 Billion (21-Oct-2015)

about 4 years ago

HBL today declared its results for the first nine months of 2015, delivering an impressive growth of 26% in post-tax profit which set a new record of Rs 27.5 billion. Pre-tax profit touched nearly Rs 48 billion, a massive growth of 44% over the same period last year. Earnings per share for the nine months increased to Rs18.19 compared to Rs14.85 for the first nine months of 2014. Along with the results, the Board declared a dividend of Rs. 3.5 per share for the quarter.​​​​​
HBL’s balance sheet has increased by 11% over December 2014, making it the first bank ever in Pakistan to cross Rs 2 trillion. Net interest income increased by 18% to Rs 58.5 billion, driven by a remarkable 23% growth in average domestic current accounts. Non-markup income exhibited an unprecedented growth of 74%, reaching Rs 29.4 billion, with fees and commissions soaring 30%, mainly due to growth in Bancassurance, card related fees, remittances and investment banking income. This growth included capital gains of Rs 11.5 billion from both the equity and fixed income markets, with total revenue reaching almost Rs 88 billion.

Administrative expenses declined slightly over the previous quarter, even as the Bank continued to invest in infrastructure for providing wider access to financial services. HBL is committed to financial inclusion for the masses and now provides multiple access channels in addition to its 1,630 branches. The Bank offers options through nearly 1,900 ATMs and over 9,700 POS machines for its more than 8 million domestic customers to carry out their banking needs. As a result of the strong revenue growth, the cost/income ratio for the period also reduced to 41.0% compared to 46.8% in 9M 2014. The Bank’s conservative risk management has resulted in a drop in non-performing loans which have declined by Rs1.6 billion in 2015. 

With a Capital Adequacy Ratio of 16.6%, and a 21% return on equity, HBL’s Balance Sheet remains strong, liquid and adequately capitalized to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the country’s growing economy.
October 21, 2015​​​

HBL Acquires Barclays Bank PLC Pakistan (15-Jun-2015)

about 5 years ago

Karachi: Habib Bank Limited (HBL), Pakistan’s largest bank, had announced earlier that it had entered into an agreement with Barclays Bank PLC to acquire Barclays banking business in Pakistan. This acquisition was approved by the State Bank of Pakistan and from 15th June 2015 the Pakistan business of Barclays Bank PLC has been amalgamated with and into HBL. On this milestone, Mr. Nauman Dar, President and CEO of HBL stated, "HBL takes pride in this acquisition and we thank the State Bank of Pakistan, the Barclays Staff and the Customers for their cooperation”, Mr. Dar continued by welcoming the Barclays customers and staff to the HBL family.​

HBL-Tracking World May (16-May-2015)

News & Events about 5 years ago

HBL, Pakistan’s largest bank has signed a multilateral accord with Tracking World (Pvt.) Ltd. as a onewindow solution for electronic financial services. The agreement encompasses Bill Payments through ADCs, Payment Gateway for Retail Payments, Card Alliance Deal and Salary Disbursements amongst others. 

​​HBL upholds its vision to touch and transform lives where possible, through Alternate Delivery Channels (ADCs. Tracking World (Pvt.) Ltd. has a prominent presence in IT infrastructure solutions, capturing local & international markets. It has been a pioneer in navigation, tracking and GPS for over a decade now. 

​HBL Payment Services Head, Mr. Faiq Sadiq termed the union as a perfect example of evolving synergies between entities by leveraging latest IT services.​

HBL – MCR sign MOU for Consumer Transaction Technologies (7-May-2015)

News & Events about 5 years ago

Karachi (Wednesday, March 4th 2015) – Habib Bank Limited (HBL), Pakistan’s largest bank, recently joined hands with MCR Private Limited, more commonly known for its renowned food franchises, Pizza Hut, Burger King & TGIF, to provide customized and convenient banking solutions to MCR clients for food delivery & order placements. MCR has taken a step into the bank’s POS acquiring business by placing 57 HBL POS terminals at various outlets across Pakistan. HBL’s MPOS model will be included among the food delivery payment options as well, bringing quality and convenience to customers’ doorsteps. Internet Payment Gateways have also been deployed for both brands. Mr. Aqeel Hassan (MCR - CEO & Chairman) voiced their goal of maintaining MCR’s benchmarks of food production at international standards. He also emphasized on his aim to ensure that MCR brand names are technologically abreast with contemporary international banking practices. Mr. Nauman Dar, (HBL – President & CEO), underlined the fact that these solutions would principally benefit the consumer, and therefore further develop the brands of MCR. Both HBL and MCR were confident that together they could accomplish a much needed technological enhancement of the company to meet international banking standards.

HBL signs FINCA Microfinance Bank Limited for Loan Repayments through its Branchless Banking network. (5-May-2015)

News & Events about 5 years ago

Lahore, March 27, 2015: HBL, Pakistan’s largest bank has come into an arrangement with FINCA Microfinance Bank Ltd for the collection of loan installments through HBL Express network. As a part of its vision and social responsibility, HBL launched its branchless banking services under the premise of financial inclusion for low cost delivery of basic financial services; serving the unbanked and underprivileged segments of economy. Finca Microfinance Bank with a multinational presence in 23 countries upholds the same values serving the same segment through micro-crediting. HBL Payment Services Head, Mr. Faiq Sadiq termed the union as the first real steps towards financial inclusion where two financial institutions are bringing forward their core expertise and bundling them together to serve a common goal. Mr. Mudassar Aqil, CEO FINCA Microfinance Bank Ltd, on the occasion shared his views about the MicroFinance industry and Branchless Banking being two sides of the same coin where in the future, one can’t go without the other.​

ICBC and HBL to develop industrial parks in Pakistan April 22, 2015 Suzhou, China 2nd April 2015 (22-April-2015)

News & Events about 5 years ago

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) the largest bank of China, and Habib Bank Limited (HBL) the largest bank of Pakistan, join hands for setting up industrial zones in Pakistan. This initiative was launched in an investment conference held in Suzhou China
The objective of this conference was to make Chinese companies aware of the opportunities in Pakistan to create synergies and partnerships amongst businessmen of both countries. Such an initiative is also expected to promote economic development, attract foreign investment, modernize the industrial base and result in transfer of technology for Pakistan.
The attendees of this conference included representatives of the Governments from both countries, Suzhou Municipal Government, ICBC and HBL. Over 40 Chinese companies and 15 Pakistani companies attended the conference.
This idea of developing industrial zones in Pakistan was incubated in 2013. The basic premise behind this idea was to attract Chinese companies to setup industries in Pakistan and to promote partnerships between Chinese and Pakistani companies. Being the largest bank in Pakistan, HBL now has global footprints in 29 countries including China. The Bank works closely with institutions like ICBC to provide its customers access to Chinese businesses and financial sector. This partnership has led to enhancement of joint collaborations in several enterprises, including project financing and debt arrangement, trade products, and investment banking.

HBL to acquire Pakistan business of Barclays Bank PLC (12-Mar-2015)

about 5 years ago

Thursday, 12th March, Karachi HBL, Pakistan’s largest bank, announced that it has entered into an agreement with Barclays Bank PLC for the acquisition of the Barclays banking business in Pakistan. This agreement is subject to regulatory approvals. The announcement was made at a ceremony held in Karachi, where Mr. Nauman Dar, President & CEO, HBL and Mr. Imran A. Siddiqui, Chief Executive Officer, Barclays Bank PLC, Pakistan were present along with senior officials from both banks. Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Nauman Dar stated, "HBL will continue to be a key developer of the financial industry in Pakistan. The proposed acquisition is part of this commitment and ties in with the bank's mission of creating value for all our stakeholders, especially our customers.” This proposed acquisition is driven by the opportunities that Barclays Pakistan’s clients and employees offer. HBL will work closely with Barclays to ensure a smooth transition over next few months. HBL is the largest domestic multinational bank in Pakistan offering a wide range of commercial and retail banking services in Pakistan and overseas. The bank serves a customer base of over 7.5 million through branch network of nearly 1,600 branches and a network of over 1,550 ATMs globally. HBL looks forward to welcoming Barclays Pakistan’s customers to the HBL platform and providing them with quality service once the transition is complete. ​

HBL and NOWPDP signed an agreement for the benefit of the people with special needs (4-Feb-2015)

about 5 years ago

KARACHI: HBL, Pakistan’s largest bank, recently signed an agreement with Network of Organizations Working with People with Disabilities, Pakistan (NOWPDP). NOWPDP aims towards promoting the creation of an inclusive society which values and upholds the rights of people with special needs. This agreement will enable HBL to integrate people with special needs into the mainstream through capacity building of institutions, creating awareness and providing economic empowerment. Mr. Tariq M. Akbar, Head of Global Operations, HBL said, “The bank has taken a very noble initiative that is completely non-monetarily driven. This is not a business opportunity but a pure service that strengthens our vision of enabling people." Mr. Amin Hashwani, President NOWPDP, stated, “We are delighted to see that HBL has become the torch bearer and the trendsetter in disability inclusiveness, within the banking sector.” HBL is the first bank in Pakistan to take this project through its 30 selected branches Pan Pakistan. Implementation will be starting with infrastructural changes to make the buildings more accessible along with conducting sensitisation sessions to train its employees to interact and communicate with people with special needs more effectively.​

HBL Express and NADRA Launch Branchless Banking Services (1-Jan-2015)

about 5 years ago

​​Karachi: January 01, 2015: To further pursue the vision of financial inclusion, financial literacy and strengthening outreach, HBL has joined hands with NADRA Technologies Limited (NTL) to launch branchless banking services. The product suite includes Domestic Remittance backed by Mobile Wallets, Microfinance Loan Repayments, G2P Payments and International Remittances in the future. NTL e-Sahulat hosts a nationwide presence with 8000 plus touch points serving the underprivileged stratum of the economy. Taking forward its vision of “Enabling people to advance with confidence and success,” HBL, the largest commercial bank in Pakistan, launched their branchless banking initiative called HBL Express in 2013. Introduced as a channel to provide basic financial services at a micro-economic level, branchless banking has evolved as a parallel banking system which now caters to a diversified range of market offerings with unique service values, mobility and simplicity. Mr. Faiq Sadiq, Head – Payment Services Group at HBL commented “the centerpiece of inception of branchless banking services is financial inclusion. Less than 13 percent of 190 Million people residing in Pakistan are in any form of direct formal relationship with a financial institution. The remainder of 87 percent relies on informal means to meet their day-to-day financial needs. HBL aims to bring these unbanked segments of economy into a formal financial blanket.” Mr. Sadiq further added that this arrangement is a leap forward for the industry in Pakistan. On this occasion, Mr. Saleem Rafik, Director Generation Operations NTL said that NADRA eSahulat was the first platform to offer electronic payment of utility bills through franchised model. Today it offers the domestic remittance and other branchless banking services in collaboration with HBL Express. This collaboration is a one of a kind joint-venture since most banks are partnering with telcos /mobile carriers for branchless banking. He further highlighted that our solution is not only seamless and swift but also has been further secured as CNICs of senders and receivers are verified by NADRA for each transaction. This unique feature will not only facilitate consumers with added advantage to avoid errors but will also facilitate the banking industry for financial inclusion and allow for transparent transactions. ​

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