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HBL Ijarah

A medium to long-term financing facility used to finance capital assets such as plant, machinery and vehicles.


  • Bank bears the risk of the asset throughout the Ijarah tenure
  • Flexibility to choose between fixed and floating rate


  • Customer to provide acceptable collateral as per bank’s requirement
  • Customer must meet the bank’s as well as applicable regulator’s policies

How to Apply

Applicant to provide:

  Customer’s Basic Fact Sheet

  Facility Application Form

  Financial Statements (as per Prudential Regulations and bank requirements)

  Company’s Profile

  Other documents as per bank’s policy

Product Disclosure

All bank charges will apply as per the prevalent Islamic Schedule of Bank Charges.

Guiding Principle

Under this facility, the bank acquires the asset needed by the customer and then leases it to the customer for a fixed period.
Note: Terms and Conditions apply. Charges to be applied as per effective Islamic Schedule of Banking Charges (I-SOBC)