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HBL Swift Finance

Make your life easy when you are taking care of business expenses, supplier payments, upgrading your production line, disbursing staff salaries, or starting an entirely new venture. With HBL Swift Finance product, you can avail a loan to meet your business/personal needs while keeping your saving secure. With this product you can keep your investment & deposits as collateral to get a loan to meet your short and long term requirements.


All you need is savings in the form of fixed deposits or government securities to avail the following services:

  • Running Finance Facility up to 95% of your savings
  • Running Finance Facility with monthly or quarterly mark-up payments.
  • Demand finance facility for up to 5 years​
  • Financing against local/foreign currency (EUR, USD, GBP) deposits and/or National Saving Certificates (DSC/ SSC/RIC)​​
  • Short and simple approval process
  • Competitive mark-up rates and commission.​​​

  • National Saving Certificates (DSC/ SSC/RIC) and/or HBL Money Market /Govt. Security Funds


  • Borrower or Primary Sponsor must be a Pakistani resident

  • Age of Primary Sponsor must be between 18 and 70 years

  • The Borrower must meet KYC (Know your customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) Criteria set by the bank.

  • The borrower must fulfill the bank and applicable regulatory policies.

  • ​Completed application form

  • CNIC copy of borrower and security provider
  • Copy of instrument/ certificate/ account statement and other supporting documents of security offered to the Bank, (Pledge or Lien marking after approval of loan prior to disbursement).

  • Copy of latest paid utility bill

  • Proprietorship declaration/ partnership deed/ latest form 29 (as applicable)

  • Bank’s charge documents after approval of loan

Tenor of Loan

Demand Finance (one off)                              Up to 5 years

Running Finance                                              On Demand

Letter of Guarantee                                         Up to 3 years

Import/Export facilities                                   Up to 180 days​​

Fees and Charges

​As per schedule of charges


*Financing facilities are approved at bank's discretion.