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Saving Accounts

An ideal account for anyone who wants to keep aside some extra funds for emergencies. Rather than keeping large amounts of money at home, HBL’s Savings Account allows you to secure your savings with us, providing principal security as well as a modest profit rate.


  • HBL ValueAccount
  • HBL PLS SavingsAccount
  • HBL DailyProgressiveAccount
  • HBL DailyMunafaAccount
  • HBL MoneyClub
  • HBL Rutba
  • HBL ForeignCurrencySavingsAccount
  • HBL PensionerAccount

Please note: The profit rate varies on several factors including type of savings fund, amount and tenor of deposit. The bank has the authority to change rates depending on fluctuating market conditions. A ten percent withholding tax is applicable on profits accumulated in all Savings Accounts, or as per applicable law.

Fair Treatment to Customers

HBL SavingAccounts offers various elements of fee and profit payment is applicable. It also offers Cheque books, Debit cards, Mobile banking and Internet banking are offered along with many other features. Details are available at all branches and a copy of Schedule of Bank Charges (SOBC) is also provided in the welcome pack of the account.