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Financing Products

HBL Murabaha

HBL Murabaha is a form of sale whereby the seller (the Bank) sells the good to the buyer (the customer) by disclosing the total cost it has incurred as well as the profit portion thereon. 
HBL offers Murabaha to allow the Customer to purchase goods/raw materials/finished goods for use of business from time to time, up to the specific limit, according to business needs.

HBL Istisna

HBL Istisna is a kind of sale transaction whereby the manufacturer (the customer) manufactures good according to the agreed specifications and sells the manufactured goods to the buyer (the Bank) at an agreed price. 
HBL offers Istisna financing to businesses for manufacturing of goods for sale in local and international market.

HBL Salam

HBL Salam is a kind of sale transaction whereby the seller (the customer) sells the good as per the agreed specifications to the buyer (the Bank) at an agreed future date in exchange for agreed price fully paid in advance.
HBL offers Salam to cater to the working capital needs of agricultural sector and manufacturers/exporters of homogenous commodities that are of standardized nature and readily available in the market.

HBL DiminishingMusharakah

HBL Diminishing Musharakah (DM) is a kind of partnership, in which the Bank and the customer participate in joint ownership of an asset. The proportionate share of the bank is divided into number of units and the customer periodically purchases these units resulting in gradual increase of his share until he purchases all the units of the Bank so as to become the sole owner of the asset. 
​HBL offers Diminishing Musharakah for the acquisition of tangible asset (movable/immovable) i.e. Vehicles, Land & Building, House, Plant & Machinery and other Equipment. DM shall be limited to the specified assets and not to the whole enterprise or business.

HBL Ijarah

HBL Ijarah is a form of Islamic leasing, in which the Bank transfers the usufruct of the asset owned by the Bank to the customer for an agreed period, at an agreed consideration/rent. 
HBL offers asset financings such as plant, machinery and vehicle on the basis of Ijarah.