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eBanc Roshan Digital Account – Documents Required

For manual application submission through email

Please download and print out the following documents. You will then need to fill them out as appropriate. Next you will need to scan them and send back to us at​​

1. Account Opening Form – eBanc Roshan Digital Account​ (Click here to download)
2. Terms and Conditions (Click here to download)
3. Key Fact Sheet (Click here to download)
4. Declaration of Status as Non-Resident Pakistani and Source of Funds (Click here to download)
5. CRS / FATCA Form​​ (Click here to download)

6. Signature specimen Form ​​(Click here to download)

​To process your application, the bank also requires the following supporting documents from your end 

1. Scanned CNIC/ NICOP/ POC ​​

2. Scanned Passport (first 2 pages) (Pakistani and/or foreign/ other country) 

3. Proof of NRP status (e.g. scanned copy of POC, visa, entry/ exit stamps, etc.) 

4. Proof of Profession and Source of Income/ Funds (e.g. scanned copy of job certificate, tax return, rent agreement, salary slips, etc.) 

              - For salaried individuals: job certificate / salary slips (any one document)

              ​- For business persons: tax return / rent agreement / any other proof of income (any one document)

5. LIVE Photograph​