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HBL Supply Chain Finance Solutions

HBL Supply Chain Finance Solutions aim to provide alternative financing products to value chain partners associated with large corporate entities to facilitate their financial inclusion, promote capacity development and catalyze growth.

Through partnership with a Large Corporate, we customize end-to-end financing solutions to complement the value chain infrastructure encompassing suppliers, vendors, logistics providers, distributors, sub-dealers, wholesalers and retailers.

For Distribution network, we offer a range of customized financing products including:
• Distributor Finance 
• Overdraft
• Letter of Guarantees 
• Fleet Finance

For Suppliers, vendors and input providers, we support cash flow liquidity through:
• Receivable finance 
• Payable discounting,
• Invoice financing 
• Fleet Finance. 

For independent logistics related businesses, our convenient Fleet Finance solutions facilitate with network expansion. (please refer to the section on HBL Fleet Finance for more details)

Benefits of Dealer Finance

  • Financial Inclusion- Ease of obtaining Collateral-free/ Relaxed Collateral financing at competitive rates.
  • Promotes Capacity Enhancement.
  • Improves working capital and cash flows. Enhances cash forecasting Capabilities.
  • Enforces discipline in payment cycle by introducing one bank.
  • Preferred Banking Services through the largest branch network of the country.

Benefits of Supplier Finance

  • One Window Integrated Solutions for Financing, Collections and Payment needs across the value chain.
  • Enhanced channel loyalty- HBL Supply Chain Finance solutions strengthen relationships across the value chain network.
  • Distribution financing solutions promote operational efficiency and revenue.
  • Supplier financing solutions help in achieving working capital targets while support growth plans by enabling capacity enhancement of suppliers
  • Supply Chain Finance Solutions enables in modification in Sales and Purchase terms.
  • For distribution network, the solutions facilitate in minimizing collection hassles. Corporate can receive payment the same day from dealers digitally.
  • On supply side, the solutions enable transaction time and cost efficiencies and enforces discipline in payment cycle by introducing one bank.
  • The solutions facilitate Balance sheet de-risking- improves DSO, working capital and cash flows.
  • Analytics- Detailed MIS on collections (activity reports, daily sale MIS, cash inflow forecasting)

Eligibility Criteria

If you are a large corporate willing to partner with us for facilitating Supply Chain Finance Solutions for your value chain network, please get in touch with your Relationship Manager today or send an email to