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CDC’s facilitation service for Roshan Digital Account (NRVA) holders

About CDC:

Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited is the sole securities depository of the country, handling the electronic (paperless) settlement of transactions carried out at the Pakistan Stock Exchange. CDC’s main function is to operate the Central Depository System (CDS) for all financial instruments traded in the Pakistan Capital Market. CDC is the central hub of all critical activities taking place in the stock market. 

​CDC’s service for NRVA Account Holder is designed to facilitate Overseas Pakistanis desirous of investing in the Capital Market of Pakistan through an efficient, secure and convenient mechanism. To access this facility, Non-resident Individual Pakistanis (NRIPs) need to maintain an active NRVA (PKR) account with selected banks.

How to Apply

NRIP must be a Roshan Digital Account PKR holder to be able to open the Pakistan Capital Market Investment account.

NRIPs can choose to invest in the Pakistan Stock Market through Roshan Digital Account by selecting “Investment in Stock Market” on HBL’s portal / website / app and following the below further steps:

​a. Consent to HBL (click here)​ that their data provided for Roshan Digital Account opening can be shared with CDC and other capital market entities.
b. Carefully reading and clicking‘I Agree’ to CDC Terms and Conditions for Investing in Pakistan Capital Market (Click here for CDC Terms & Conditions)
c. Selecting a Brokerage House for trading purpose (Click here​ for list of eligible Brokerage Houses).

Kindly sign the above documents and email to us at ( Once received our RM will contact you for further guidance.

Upon the NRIP’s consent, HBL will transmit the required details and soft copies of the NRIP’s documents and NRVA IBAN to CDC. 

In 24 business hours of receiving the NRIP’s information/credentials and verifying them, CDC will send them an Account Opening Package, comprising of the following actions and details:

1. Opening of Trading Account with selected broker.
2. Creation and Registration of Unique Identification Number (UIN) by NCCPL.
3. Opening of Custody Account (CDC Account).
4. Creation of CDC Web Access Login ID and Password.

After receiving the above, NRIPs can start investing in the Pakistan Stock Market.

Contact Details

• For any further information, please contact HBL PhoneBanking: +92 21 111 555 425​ 
• For more information about CDC Services, please use any of the following channels: 
          ✓Call at (+9221) 34315932 
​          ✓Email at 
​          ✓For FAQs and Registration for Awareness Webinar, please visit:


a. Convenience of opening Pakistan Capital Market Investment account
b. No Additional requirement other than Roshan Digital Account (NRVA) details 
c. Easy to manage both your payments and investment

Happy Investing!