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HBL Al-Mukhtar Account

An account catering to the banking needs of businessmen. It offers a range of free unlimited features enabling them to conduct business with ease and convenience.

Key Features

      Free cheque books

      Waiver of HBL DebitCard annual fee

      Free issuance of banker’s cheques

      Free intercity funds transfer via HBL network

      Free intercity cash withdrawal and deposit via HBL network

      Waiver of outward clearing cheque return charges

      Monthly profit payout as per announced weightages

      Profit calculation on average daily balance

      Free SMS alerts for Individuals and Sole Proprietors


How to apply


Sole Proprietor to provide:

      Original CNIC along with copy

      Request letter for account opening

      Copy of NTN certificate

      Registration certificate for registered concerns

      wherever applicable.

      Declaration of sole proprietorship on business letter head

      Proof of Income


Partnership firms to provide:

      Attested copy of certificate of registration

      Certified copy of partnership/partnership deed

      Letter of partnership

      Copy of NTN certificate

      CNIC copies of partners

      Original authority letter from all partners, authorizing the person(s) to operate firm’s account

      Identity documents of authorized signatories

      Proof of Income


Companies to provide:

      Certificate of incorporation

      Memorandum of Association

      Articles of Association

      Certified copy of Form 29

      CNIC copies of signatories

      Copy of NTN certificate and SECP registration

      Resolution of Board of Directors for opening of account specifying the person(s) authorized to open

        and operate the account (not applicable for Single Member Company)

      SECP registered declaration for commencement of business as required under Companies Act 2017

        List(s) of Directors required to be filed under Companies Act 2017, as applicable

      Proof of Income

      Other documents as per bank and/or regulatory requirement.


Product Disclosure

All bank charges will apply as per the prevalent Islamic Schedule of Bank Charges.


Profit rates as per pre-declared weightages and Profit Sharing Ratio.


Guiding Principle

It is based on Mudaraba. Under this arrangement, customer (Rab-ul-Maal) provides funds to HBL (Mudarib) for investment under Shariah guidelines. The actual profit at the end of the period is shared between the customer and HBL as per the pre-agreed profit sharing ratio. Loss, if any, will be shared among Rab-ul-Maal as per investment ratio and HBL shall lose the Mudarib fee.


Terms and conditions apply.


Important Documents

HBL Al-Mukhtar Account (Key Fact Sheet - Urdu) - Jul to Dec 2020.pdf  
Size: 799 KB
HBL Al-MukhtarAccount (Key Fact Sheet) - Jul - Dec 2020.pdf  
Size: 68 KB
KFS HBL Al-Mukhtar Account - Jul 19.pdf  
Size: 46 KB
Key Fact Sheet ( HBL Al-MukhtarAccount)- Jan 2019.pdf  
Size: 69 KB
Key Fact Sheet ( HBL Islamic Al-MukhtarAccount)- July 2018 (URDU).pdf  
Size: 634 KB
Key Fact Sheet ( HBL Al-MukhtarAccount)- January 2018.PDF  
Size: 71 KB
Key Fact Sheets ( HBL Al-MukhtarAccount)- July 2017.pdf  
Size: 76 KB
Key Fact Sheet (HBL Al-MukhtarAccount) - Jul 2018.pdf  
Size: 72 KB