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Meet your financial needs with HBL's loan products. Whether it's the purchase of a new car, buying a new house, an unforeseen expense or bridging the gap until pay day, finance your dreams with HBL's loan products.

HBL CarLoan

A flexible and hassle-free financing facility that enables you to own your dream car and provides financing up to 85% of the value of your desired car.

HBL PersonalLoan

A loan facility that provides you financial assistance whenever you need it. This will help you finance your dreams as well as be your support in difficult times.

HBL HomeLoan

A loan facility that enables you to fulfill your dream of owning a perfect home. Be it purchasing a new one, constructing or renovating your existing home, this facility has multiple options to suit your needs.

HBL SalaryPlus

HBL SalaryPlus is an overdraft facility which provides our customers with an assigned limit in their salary account. This facility provides freedom to meet unforeseen expenses which may arise.