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HBL CollectionSolutions

HBL offers multiple collection solutions for you to choose from based on your kind of business network and your clients. Choose from the following as per your requirement:

  • Easy Collect (SDS & ECDR)
  • Standing Instructions via Debit Authority
  • HBL MobileBanking via Ufone

Easy Collect (SDS & ECDR)

Easy Collect (ECDR) is a collection’s product that allows the representatives/dealers of the customer to deposit cash or instruments at the designated branches through especially designed Easy Collect Deposit Application Forms (EC-DAF).


  • Convenience in deposits SDS.
  • Allow depositors to have a specially designed front .
  • SDS/ECDR will be printed and circulated by HBL to the designated branch.
  • MIS reports to the customer on a mutually agreed format .

Standing Instruction via Debit Authority (SIDA)

The product allows the distributors/dealers to issue one time Standing Instructions to HBL through the customer authorizing HBL to debit the distributors’ account in the respective designated branches whenever stocks/goods are released and invoices are raised by the customer who will have to strictly advise their distributors to maintain sufficient balance in their accounts on the day of invoicing by the customer.

The target market for this collection’s product is FMCG customers and distribution companies in the categories of corporate, commercial and retail with the need of collection management.


The product provides convenience through automatically direct debit account trigger and settlement on real time basis.

  • Convenience
  • No hassle of visiting branches frequently.
  • MIS reporting on daily basis.
  • Automatic account settlement on standing instructions.

HBL MobileBanking

Applicable for individuals who are mutual customers of Ufone and HBL​


Services available on HBL MobileBanking are:

  • Convenience of real time payments through mobile phone
  • Cost and time efficiency
  • Simple enrollment and secured automatic processing
  • Negligible error chances
  • Improved cash flow through instant payment
  • Payment recognizable against unique invoice number
  • Customized and comprehensive MIS for reconciliation
  • Customized transaction limits
  • Dealer / retailer ID management
  • Pre-configured clients collection account to avoid input  error
  • Instant credit into client’s collection account

How to Apply?

Please get in touch with your HBL Relationship Manager or visit HBL Branch