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Bullet Auto Loan
HBL Auto Loan helps you get your preferred auto/vehicle through a simple and hassle-free process and support. Now you can drive the vehicle you always wanted. For details, please call 2177600 or 2177614
  • Benefits & Features
  • Eligibility
  • Documents Required
  • Benefits & Features
    • Financial Needs
      Customer can choose between a new auto, 2nd hand auto or reconditioned auto depending on his/her needs.
      - Open to all types of autos with cc ranging   between 800 to 2000 cc
      - Open to other types of vehicles including   school vans, taxis, buses with a   maximum of 6000 cc
      - The second hand vehicle should not be   older than 5 years
    • Competitive & Flexible Interest Rate
      - The same interest rate is applicable   whether the loan is for a new vehicle or   second hand or reconditioned vehicle
    • Flexible Solution
      Wide range of financing amount
      - With an auto loan, we finance up to 90%   of cost of the vehicle (showroom price   excluding Registration, Insurance, Road   Tax & other related costs)
      - Flexible repayment period of up to 7   years for new vehicles and 5 years for   second hand vehicles
    • Comprehensive Motor Insurance Cover
      - Insurance at all times for complete peace   of mind and security
    • Wide Range of Loan Amounts
      - Our loan amounts go up to MUR2,000,000   for new vehicles and up   to MUR1,000,000   for secondhand / reconditioned cars
      - Interest charged is linked to the   Bank′s   Lending Rate (PLR)
  • Length of service - one year and above
  • The monthly installment shall not exceed 40% of his/her monthly net income or net salary
  • Applicant must be at least 25 years old at the time of loan originating and at most 65 years old at the time of loan redemption
  • Minimum salary requirement: MUR 20,000/- per month singly or jointly (husband & wife only)
  • Self-Employed/Proprietorship/Partnership/Ltd Co. must be in present business for at least 3 years

  • Top
    Documents Required
    To avail of an auto loan, please submit the following documents
    • Salaried Individuals
      - Completed Loan Application form
      - Proof of Identity – Identity Card or   Passport
      - Letter of awareness from employer
      - Salary slips for the last 3 months
      - Most recent utility bills – CEB/ CWA/   MT
      - Bank statements for the last six months
      - Salary should be pledged to HBL
    • Self-Employed Business persons/professionals
      - All the above where applicable plus   evidence showing a minimum income of   MUR200,000
    Note: We draw your attention to the existence of the Mauritius Credit Information Bureau (MCIB) and that the Bank will, as part of its appraisal process of the present application access MCIB to seek information on credit facilities provided to you by other banks or financial institutions.
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