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Last Modified: Tuesday March 17, 2015

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Bullet HBL CarToCar
HBL CarToCar is a revolutionary car financing offer. It makes the car of your choice affordable and practical with a buy back guarantee. HBL CarToCar offers matchless features and unique options at the end of the lease. Now you can drive a new car at the end of every two years.

For details, please call 111-111-425.
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Mercedes E350 3500 CC A/T
Bullet Features
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Upgrade of lifestyle
  • Affordability
  • Flexibility
  • d
    Pay only for what you use

    When you lease a car under HBL CarToCar, you only pay for that part of the car’s value that you use during the lease term. The car’s residual value* (forecasted for the end of the specific lease term) is agreed with you at the start of the lease term. This amount is deducted from the car price thus lowering the finance amount. This finance amount is based only on a part of the car’s value and not the full value of the car. Therefore, HBL CarToCar offers very low installments as compared to any conventional financing.

    *The residual value of a car is its estimated future value, based on its   depreciated value at the end of the lease term.
    Upgrade of lifestyle
    HBL gives you the guarantee that if you wish to return the car to us at the end of the lease term, you will not have to pay off the car’s residual value. Instead, we will directly settle this outstanding liability for you under the buy back guarantee. Hence, you can upgrade to a new car as frequently as two years* without any complication and hassle.
    *Minimum repayment term may vary
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    With HBL CarToCar, you only have to pay the difference between the car price and the pre-agreed residual value to the bank. As a result, the monthly installment may even be 40% to 50% less than that of conventional financing.
    HBL CarToCar offers you several choices at the end of the lease term:
    Upgrade - Simply return the car to HBL and drive a new one home
    Walk away - Return the car to HBL and end the lease
    Buy - Keep the same car. Just make a one-time settlement of the car’s residual value to HBL or pay the same in easy installments over a specified extended period of time
    Sell - Enjoy the gain from selling off the car at a higher price in the market than what you ay HBL as the residual value
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    Bullet Eligibility Criteria
      Salaried Individuals Self-Employed Business persons/ Professionals
    Citizenship Pakistani Pakistani
    Age 22-60 years 22-65 years
    Minimum monthly income Rs. 20,000 Rs. 25,000
    Bullet Documentation
    Salaried Individuals
    Copy of CNIC
    2 recent passport size photographs
    Latest original salary slip and personal bank statement for last 3 months
    Self-Employed Business persons/Professionals
    Copy of CNIC
    2 recent passport size photographs
    Bank statement for last 6 months and bank letter confirming details of account
    Proof of business
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