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Last Modified: Tuesday March 17, 2015

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Invest your savings in our term deposits for a fixed duration and earn profit while keeping your savings secure. For more information please see below or call 111-111-425.
HBL AdvantageAccount
Investment Plus Deposit
HBL AdvantageAccount
Earn better returns on your savings and avail the following benefits:
Flexible tenures and profit payouts
Loan facility up to 90% of investment
Minimum investment of Rs. 25,000
Roll-over option available
Investment Plus Deposit
Account for Institutions
Multiple options for tenure and profit payout
Profit paid at maturity
Minimum investment of Rs. 20 million**
Withdrawal at end of fixed term
*Terms and conditions apply. These are expected rates and can change. All profits payable are subject to Zakat and Government Levies
**Except in the case of 1 month where minimum investment is Rs. 100 million
Click here for Effective rates / SOBC
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